What define a person as a Jew instead of a Gentile or vice versa?

Today we have so much time being consumed in our world about who is Jewish and who is not.  I would like to invite all especially those who consider themselves to be Jewish to define what makes a person Jewish.  And in case someone says because Abraham was jewish I want a definition of what makes Abraham Jewish instead of a gentile.  I would like this discussion to be civilized and in an orderly fashion, this is a fact finding mission that will hopefully clear up any mis conception or confusion into who is who.

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Thank you Daniel for the correction from now Goy for those not in Christ and Hebrew instead of Jew but also I know you are a Prince and I am Princess but as children of God if our light shine through we don't have to label ourselves the world will know who we are.
Exactly .. all else is vanity
Shalom, Angela; and all who are concerned about my title,"Prince".

First giving Praises to the MOST HIGH.

Angela, the title "Prince" was given to me from the Elders in the House of the Hebrew Israelite over twenty years ago while I was on the Mount teaching. Also, the title was given to me by earning a special degree in the Mason Order, the DeMolay Consistory #1 which is a 32* known as "Subline Prince".

I don't see myself above anyone, Prince is only my title to let people know that I have certain imformation concerning the Scriptures, and only that which the MOST HIGH has given me to speak to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Not to cause a debate nor to take away anyone attention from the MOST HIGH.
Ahhh ,,,, "the title was given to me by earning a special degree in the Mason Order," this explains a lot.
You say you don't see your self above any other, yet you are quick to use the title, I may interject that no where in this site , and in fact any site do I refer to my correct title. (Also bestowed upon me by my elders in recognition to duties I perform on behalf of them, and Y'shua.
You confuse words to cover your tracks .. for whom are the "Elders of the House of the Hebrew Israelite"? Are they not some sort of order within the Masons ?? Belonging to such groups are considered to be of utmost abhorrence among many.
You introduce your self as to confuse your self to be of the House of Dahvid but you in no way are of his loins. But at least you are honest enough to give a clue as to who you are and what you are about.
A simple answer to a simple question could redeem your self ....

What is the name of the Most High ?
Shalom, Angela; #2

This is a continuation of the first, the Prince.

Angela, you made a statement, as many other have done over the years and still not able to see the Salvation of the MOST HIGH.

Is it not, according to the Scripture that the MOST HIGH made a Covenant, if so, with who and what was this Covenant all about, it wasn't for the Gentiles nor any other nation, but what nation?

Angela, if you are the sister of the House of Israel and are not equip with Spiritual Light, as the House of Israel should have toward the Gentiles, then open the Scriptures and learn instead coming from the head.

Not being disrespectful, but you made a lot of unture statement toward me, and I'm here to make correction as much as I can toward the MOST HIGH concerning the Scriptures.

Prince Yosef II
What defines a Jew from a Gentile is the Tribe the Jew is from. The Jew is a Jew because of the Nation of Judah, which were the Tribes of Benjamin and Judah. Judaism is a religion that the Edomites got from the Nebateans..

Look up the Hasmonean Dynasty...

Gentiles come out of the Sons of Japhat.. Jews come from the sons of Shem...
Prince in one breath you accuse me of misrepresenting you and in the other breath you claim to have received the title you carry from the order of the mason. You claim to have the Spiritual light and that I need to read the Scripture in order to receive Spiritual light.

In order to have receive and being bestow such a title from the order of the mason, am I right that you must first be a mason otherwise they would not have deem you fit to receive such title.

Please with the Spiritual enlighten that you so richly claim to have over and above me please can you enlighten me on the Scripture that our Lord and Saviour who came to redeem us from our sin encourage us to be part of the occult, of witchcraft and to be deceitful as my understanding that is the culture of the order of the mason do they not encourage members to protect other members in all things by lying and deceit if necessary. Do they not partake in the occult and witchcraft, so please enlighten me as to where in the Scriptures did our Lord and Saviour encourages us to be partakers of darkness.

Prince to have the spiritual light means you are of God because God is of the Light and our Redeemer is the Light connecting us to the Father, but by your own confession you are a member of darkness being a member of the order of the mason. How is it possible to serve two masters, Did not our Redeemer state that it is impossible to serve two masters are you saying our Redeemer was wrong.

Prince as I have stated when we are in Christ we need not ban a title around because if our lights shine through all will know who we are. Now is it not amazing that I was unaware of your place in the order of the mason but My God gave me discernment to know you cannot be walking with the God I serve.
Serving God is keeping his commandments.. Masons are devil worshippers.. The higher ups.. Master Masons etc... They believe that they are the enlightened ones from the Tribes of Judah, and Dan... They believe they are both the seed of Jesus and Satan, but they serve Lucifer, and not Satan...
In my book lucifer and satan is one and the same
ADAM --- NOAH---ABRAM---ISSAC---JOSEPH----MOSES---(OTHERS pre-written hebrew law) had the spirit of Deus placed in them by a direct encounter with Deus (god). each of those men were designs of Deus himself and as were all the people God himself ordained and thus did not have to pass thru the degree of men to reach another level---were some stupid man had to sign off on your holiness or not...having another man over u is placing a let between u and deus...
the men listed above had no man between them and Deus--he deals direclty with hebrew---its a personal thing, by the nature of such dealings a hebrew is kept humble by deus ---no hebrew seeks to shine he seeks to stay one with the vine...
thus as said the above examples are hebrews (not of the book but of deus or god)

the jew which is not a hebrew---as a euro i assume u know that already---the hebrew is eight times darker than the jew in all forms of the hebrews existence. jews are the ones whom placed the inverted triangles over their doors---as ordered by nrthnumbrlnd during the holy cause *holocaust)...the jew killed jesus the nazarite a hebrew true...the jews was judas the money changer and son of simon...
all the jews are those of the book those whom wish to become like deus or god by following a book some holy man wrote---no man is holy--our rightoues is like filty rags and our intellect is dung in the sights of the Lord...
the jew is what 98 percent of the people around the world adhere to...

and gentile are people whom have no god, whom are enslaved, whom are refugees, etc...a gentile is anyone who falls under the might of stronger gods...and are forced to accept the gods of the masters as their god...
like the yankee slave in the north.


This is one of those topics that is somewhat like the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," as there are several ways to define the word "Jew," and depending on the beholder all the answers may be correct. 

1) I was born a Jew and am a descendant of the House of Aaron, (which in my little mind doesn't make me special as Aaron sort of encouraged people to make this golden calf). But in that regard what Hezekiah Ben Israel shared was "What defines a Jew from a Gentile is the Tribe the Jew is from. The Jew is a Jew because of the Nation of Judah, which were the Tribes of Benjamin and Judah. Judaism is a religion that the Edomites got from the Nebateans.." is very correct.


2) As stated, "Judaism is a religion that the Edomites got from the Nebateans.." is also correct as it is a religion.


3) Another very loose definition of a "Jew" is simply one of God's people, which many that are in Christianity might disagree with as Christianity simply by the name leads one to believe that the Jew was replaced by a Christian, but if one does not believe that Jesus came to start a new concept called Christianity and came so that all could be "grafted into the promise," then that would fit the definition of "Jew" meaning simply one of God's people.


I personally go with the definition of "Jew" simply being one of God's people. I think just in personal experience, we tend to like to label things, which tends to allow us to identify with something or a group, but who we are really supposed to identify with is being a child of God. Jesus/ Yeshua which ever you prefer was I believe to be the work of the Holy Spirit through Mary, which came to show us all those that came after Him and those that came from the blood line, how to have access with God so that we may walk with God as Adam did, which unfortunately is not often taught and as a result most  of us do not have a clue as to what we were given.


Which blood is more important to us, the blood of Christ which is two very important parts, which is Jesus or Yeshua being the head of Christ and secondly, but hopefully attached is the body of Christ. One cannot accept one without the other. One cannot accept the head and reject the body and if one does then they are not able to discern the body of Christ and sleep. One either accepts that blood or they feel their parents blood is more significant and I think at least we are here to make that choice, which is more important. 


I think where some of the confusion comes from is that one likes to know who is saved, which takes us back to the labels. If one does not know of Christ am I to say they were not of God or saved? I personally believe only God can call that one. God knows the heart of everyone. We might have our guesses or beliefs, but that may not even close to reality. There are some that say there is no God, but all those that believe there is a God all here from God at one point or another (otherwise no one would ever go to an alter call). There are also spirits that also come into play, which tend to take people down different paths in life. 


We all believe that what we think we know is truth, but the real truth is the proof and that is always in the pudding. 


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