What define a person as a Jew instead of a Gentile or vice versa?

Today we have so much time being consumed in our world about who is Jewish and who is not.  I would like to invite all especially those who consider themselves to be Jewish to define what makes a person Jewish.  And in case someone says because Abraham was jewish I want a definition of what makes Abraham Jewish instead of a gentile.  I would like this discussion to be civilized and in an orderly fashion, this is a fact finding mission that will hopefully clear up any mis conception or confusion into who is who.

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As I stated I wasn't sure your reference to Ham, but nevertheless I believe we are walking in the same direction for most part. I could continued but I don't feel the need. God bless you my sister, I hope we can do this again!
Nice try .. B'resheet .. not bereshit he he he

However there are no vowels in the original language. I do not read or write hebrew but in my study I have mostly seen it
bereshit(h). No problem to each his own. I guess the "e" looks more appealing than the "i" in english.

Thank you.
This is true no vowels in original Hebrew (or Aramaic) but the ' is an aleph so the first letters (B'resh ) are Biet Aleph Resh ... which in them selves reveal the whole story .. from Genesis to Revelation :P

You can correlate using Aramaic ..
The King James translation led you to this mistaken conclusion, because in Genesis 10:5 the term goyim is initially translated "Gentiles." Strangely, though, the word appears a second time in the KJV translation of that verse, but is then translated "nations." Moreover, goyim appears in Gen. 10:20 (where it refers to the "nations" that came from Ham) and Gen. 10:31 (where it refers to the "nations" that came from Shem). Yes, there were goyim that came from all three lines of the sons of Noah. Goyim are simply the nations other than Israel.
I stand corrected. Thank You.
Bro to say you are "Judahish " I could accept... to be of Judah would mean I am descendant of one of tow of the Northern tribes and exclude the other 10 of the South . as an American need I remind you of that issue of division of your "North / South " To be called a Jew would be as well accepted as some person from South Carolina being called Yankee..
The term "Jew " became applied some time I think (if my memory serves me) during the middle ages because after all we all look alike .. and well who cares what tribe we are from??? (Is something here starting to stirr your minds as to what happened? )
I still contend that there are no real "Jews" only Hebraic .. (see definition on other post here ) am interested in the dialogue and reaction to my comments. .. I know among the "jews" it has arched a few eye brows.. he he he
Hi, ok...a hebrew by birth I presume. Thank you, you explained this so well that a 5th graded could understand. I don't claim to have a full grasp of all of this but I am definitely learning. The way you define Jews...Yankee that was so good. You know we all learn by asking and those who know respond in the right spirit but those who think they know respond in pride. Shalom...thanks for the correction on B'resheet :). I just purchased my first set of books and they are shifing my thinking completely. Please share with me where you think I may have missed it in my respond I would love more insight.
Ever watchful am I .. he he he if you ever have a question I am here to answer .. and if I can not answer I have Ravs above me that have dedicated entire lives in the study of who they are. In fact there is such a number of Ravs I am coddled to I feel like I'm in an Amway Convention he he he he

I do share in love . even when I grab you . throw you up against the wall I promise to smile (I am joking about the wall part he he he he) as you see I have a sense of humor about me .

Feel Free to ask ..

Bro. Keith . . .

Notice that the family of Ham is not referred to as gentiles.

The families of Shem, Magog, Madai, Meshech and Tiras were not mentioned either.
I know this is late...but I will look it up later, but did Ham have any sons? You did sons of Japheth, Gomer and Javan. Then you say notice that the family of Ham is not referred to as gentiles.????????

But you have the sons of Javan (is this suppose to be Ham?), but I woll look it up for myself later

In Love, Sis. Denise


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