What do you do when your church building has been destroyed?

If you haven't heard already last week F-3 tornados hit the south east and the state that i live in Georgia got hit hard along with South Carolina. Our church building was destroyed I Just returned to the ministry after a long 2yr rest from church folks; I came back with a renewed faith confidence and commitmet to christ. This was my fifth month pastoring (Crystal Cross Prayer Tower) and the building is destroyed now we visit other churches and have bible studies in each home. Does anyone have any ideas on how to raise money or is there any type of funding out there to help small churches that have been destroyed. I am open to any ideas, to help keep it alive.

thank you be bless
Pastor Staley

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FORGET RAISING MONEY FOR A CHURCH BUILDING! It will only hinder you my brother. The LORD wants the Church to get from behind the four confined walls. Continue to hold studies and services in homes, for:

1) this is the cell-church model and structure and helps to form disciples instead of just evangelizing people
2) it is more cost efficient in the long run.

GOD allowed for the temple to be sacked and it cause for the Levites to minister elsewhere where the people lived, instead of the people having to trek to the Temple. The ministry at that time was way more effective. Continue in the hidden grace that you are working in right now my friend.

This may seem to be a hard thing to understand and follow, but trust the LORD and pray on what I just told you. Forget traditional thought, forget what the trustees may say, and forget your instincts; if its JESUS' church, then ask the owner Himself.

Go on in peace and grace....


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