What is the determining factor of living a holy life? Is it attending church? Is it praying? Is it living a life free of willful sin? What does it mean to "be ye holy as I am holy?"

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Yahweh was referring to his Torah. Duet 4-6 shows us how to live a holy life.
Not looking for someone to just quote scripture to me..expound on what you think it means to live a holy life. I know the scriptures...looking to see how christians are interepreting the scriptures to mean in the 21st century. Thanks for your response.

According to the scriptures, Yahweh commands us to keep his commandments(i.e Sabbath, feast days, wear the tzitzit, etc). This is the holy way of living. He has called us apart as a holy people unto himself. Torah says we are to love Yahweh with all of our heart(Duet 6), and love our fellow man as ourself(Lev 19). Yeshua said those 2 commands are great commands, and they sum up the Torah. When we fulfill those 2 great commands by keeping Torah, then we are living holy.
Elder Williams...once again I find your comments to be on point and very knowledgeable. You are the first person that I have heard to take this stance...one of renewing your mind. Most individuals just tell you what behaviors you should display which represents holiness. I also believe that living a life of holiness begins with the renewal of the mind. For me, it wasn't until my mind was illuminated to Romans 12:2 that I began to truly seek God. I wanted to be holy...I wanted to present myself, but I had behaviors that I could not seem to get passed. However, once I began to renew my mind to how God thinks about all the different issues that I had, my thought processed changed and when that changed, it was amazing at how my behavior changed as well. I found that living holy wasn't nearly as difficult as some christians made it seem. Once again....thank you..you are a blessing to the Body of Christ.
I agree that it is an everyday process...but how wonderful it is to know that one can truly live holy even in the midst of today's society.

You said: Most individuals just tell you what behaviors you should display which represents holiness

The behaviors we display according to Torah, which are our works, PROVES our love for Yahweh, and ARE acts of holiness. The word "holy" means to be set apart. We are to be set apart in thought, speech, and action. Yahweh says we are to continue to study the scriptures daily so that we can be careful to keep Torah--- our standard of holiness. There is no other way, according to scripture, to renew your mind, or to live holy, other than to keep God's Torah.

I agree with your comment..question though...why do you put so much emphasis on Torah...I notice that in every comment you make....everything is Torah..Torah...Torah. The whole Bible is God's Word and there are scriptures in the old and as well as the new that teaches one to be holy. If I live as Christ teaches me to live then I will cover God's standards whether those standards be found in the Torah or some other part of the Bible..Don't get me wrong, you are entitled to voice your opinion and beliefs in whatever manner you choose just like everyone else on this site..just wondering why you always make a point to put so much emphasis on the Torah...

My sister, Torah IS our standard of holiness. Yeshua taught it, his Apostles taught it, and therefore we should teach it. Yeshua taught Torah, and He would only want you to do the same. Remember when Yeshua said,"Love one another as I have loved you?" Well, He was quoting Torah... Lev 19:18. Yeshua also taught us to love Yahweh with all our being... Duet 6. Those two sums up Torah. In other words, when we DO Torah, then we are fulfilling those 2 commandments.

Yeshua said He came not to destroy Torah, but to do Torah. Until heaven and earth pass away, Torah shall remain. Has heaven and earth passed away? Are we still here living? Yes, I agree that the whole bible is Yah's word, but the foundation for which the New Covenant comes from is Torah & The Prophets. ALL teaching that we find in the New Covenant started in Torah, and then to the Prophets. You cannot disregard Torah, and expect to live a holy life. This is why my emphasis is on Torah.
Not an issue of disregarding the Torah...just wondering why you put so much emphasis on it. I value the whole Bible the same.

Ahh ok. Well, the topic is,"What does it mean to "be ye holy as I am holy?" I thought I'd give my input on just that. :)
Extremely well said Evangelist Jones...thank you for your comments. I have found your words to be true in my own life as I seek to renew my mind and strive to have the mind of Christ.
living a holy life is simply living a lifestyle that is pleasing to God, we know what God expects,for us to love one another and have no other God before us. When we humbly walk in this love that is living holy, everything else will perish and fade away, it's not about legalism, clothes speech, singing, preaching and days..... it's about doing everything in love and worshipping God


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