What is EDENOLOGY? and can we accurately calculate Human History with just The Bible?

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Edenology- a 7 part calculating system that tracks The Creation of The first human, Adam, the beginning of human history.  This system records Adam from The Land of Eden in Year O, to The Resurrection of Christ Year 4205. These times are equated to 4172 BC- 33AD. The times and dates are provided by Messianic Hebrew Scriptures.

The 7 parts to Edenology are:

1. Eden to Egypt Period- 4172-1862 BC

2. Eygptian Period- 1862-1432 BC

3. Israelite Period- 1432- 952 BC

4. Israelite Temple Period- 952- 916 BC

5. Israelite Divided Period- 916- 520 BC

6. Babylon to Roman Empire- 520- 0 BC

7. Resurrection of Christ Period- 0 BC- 33 AD




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