What is the 'CHURCH' role in the financial uproar of this country.

What do you feel if any is the church role in the life of its members. Over the past eight years i've seen church members lose faith especially in the are of finances. It's extremely esay for a church to ask for tithes and offering but does the responsibility of the church stops once they get their part.

There was on case where a church member had 5 children and paid her tithes even when her utilities were off. When her case was presented to the church, they elected to re-model the foyer instead of helping their member and her family. Needless to say that this church lost it building worth millions, and their desire to improve the building instead of improving the people.

Give me your insight, i'm looking for members and leaders to give their input.

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Thats why I think it will be necessary for the church in America to suffer some kind of tribulation to get her back on track - alot things are out of order. Alot.
So do you feel churchs should teach its members how to get out of debt?
David, the Church shouldn't have members in debt to begin with! If the members are in debt, the the Church is in debt.
Thank you......
Finally someone to understand how it should really be......
thank you and bless you brother
" So do you feel churchs should teach its members how to get out of debt? "

O my goodness! Are you crazy? OF COURSE!!!!!
The bible says to owe no man.
That is an instruction to the people of God and not only in general sense ---> dont owe anybody anything - but in the sense that you wont be compelled to do things that if you were not in debt you would not find yourself doing. I think its very important to not get in debt and not to be in debt to these Christless businesses, Christless unbelievers and a Christless government.

The more you are not beholdened to a sinner or any body the more you will feel free to live unto God in a free manner.
You are absolutely right Newview. And the Church within America WILL suffer..........
You're speaking of the Levitical practices.....but we don't have to have a poor mentality either. The Word of God still works. We don't have to live a life of lack and think that we're doing God a favor. However in Matthew 6:24 we see the problem and the solution. For so long people were taught to fight and didn't know who they were fighting or how to fight. Even with scripture there is a practical application that we must aadhere to. While it's not about the money it is dealing with the stewardship of what we have.
" You're speaking of the Levitical practices "

No he's not.
The pastors lived with less in the early days of the 'church'.
And it be quite honest with you - pastors TODAY in most of the world live very modestly.
What you see going on here is - a perversion of what God had for the church and for the Body.

The saints ought not be bank rolling these hustlers to live like Hollywood Swingers.
Back in the bible days - if the apostles saw crap like this going on - they would probably come for a visit and start sitting some of these elders down.

But tell me - why did he give the check back to her?
He was deceived...because if we tithe like they did in olden day, every 10 one belongs to the Lord, so if it was blind crippled or crazy it was His. Now the first fruit or offereing we gave our best. So her offereing should not have been rejected for any reason that's God's call
Bro David, WHY did he give her the check back??
From not understanding the Word of God
You lost me there. Please explain the situation better..........


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