What is the 'CHURCH' role in the financial uproar of this country.

What do you feel if any is the church role in the life of its members. Over the past eight years i've seen church members lose faith especially in the are of finances. It's extremely esay for a church to ask for tithes and offering but does the responsibility of the church stops once they get their part.

There was on case where a church member had 5 children and paid her tithes even when her utilities were off. When her case was presented to the church, they elected to re-model the foyer instead of helping their member and her family. Needless to say that this church lost it building worth millions, and their desire to improve the building instead of improving the people.

Give me your insight, i'm looking for members and leaders to give their input.

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Yes and No. The Levites practiced this first, but the Church within Church History did it just as well. Monks lived within Monasteries, Priests resided within Churches, and the Bishops rested within the Cathedrals. Its a practice that causes the people to care for the Pastor, but also causes the funds to be used better in order to serve the rest of the Body of Christ.
Funally a man of God that's willing to tell the truth. Thank you Sir......I will use this information in my next book thats designed to bring us closer to God by understang Love.....


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