I keep hearing ministers express the irrelevance of the Old Covenant (Old Testament/Law) as if we can toss everything prior to Matthew's gospel from the Canon of Scripture. Ironically, even though we know the New Testament is inspired and serves as Scripture illuminating the New Covenant, there is no clear reference by many of the New Testament authors confirming that they intended their writings to be such. Contrast that with numerous instances where these same authors reference the OT; refering to it as Scripture.

How do we in good conscience condemn everything OT? Tithing pre-dates the Law, but we say it's no longer relevant because it's in the OT. What about the 10 Commandments that is the cornerstone of the OT Law? Do we toss that also? Why also do many 'New Testament' churches decommission significant NT rites such as water baptism and communion? And, in light of our loose nature concerning Christian observances, why do we complain when people opt to conserve finances by 'churching at home' via television or the web?

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LOL! I love the sword play between you too! One attacking the other dodging.....

Matt 5:17-19.
So James, what happened to the doing away of the Law spoke of by the apostles in their epistles? HIS death did away with the Old covenant according to scripture.

Yeshua said in Matt 5:17-19 that He came not to abolish the Torah. I will believe HIM over ANYBODY, ANYDAY. No where in the Epistles did they say that the Torah was abolished. That would go against Messiah's words. Its sad that people run to Paul when they find out that Yeshua kept, and taught the Torah.
I run to the apostles for one reason: GOD has anointed them to speak His word. JESUS trained the Apostles personally. You keep saying "I'll believe Him over them anyday", yet He trained them! To receive them is to receive Him; to receive Him is to receive the One FATHER who sent the SON. Its thats simple.

You can't just play "pic-n-choose" with the Bible. One minute you're for the apostles, the next your doubting them because it comes against your personally theology? Gimme a break!!

If Yeshua kept and taught Torah, then He would have trained His students to do the same. Why do you claim to be His student, and not keeping Torah?
Can the bible be complete without the Old Testament? or the Torah? I think not! Is there anything in the Law that still expected now? Yes. Then the New Testament church that minimizes and marginalizes the Old Testament and the Torah, is a church standing on thin air so to speak. Take the whole Old Testament out and wipe any trace of it clean from your mind and see if you can come up with a complete manual from the New Testament alone.
If you say that then Pastor, then throw away all of Paul's writings! Luke's Gospel was taught to him by Paul, so that doesn't count for you either. While you're at it, disregard Peter as well, because he backed Paul on his doctrine. James and John as well, because they affirmed Paul's Apostleship. So overall, by your theory and doctrine, you have literally disregarded the ENTIRE NT! The ONLY books in the NT you have are: Matthew's Gospel, the Book of Hebrews, and Jude.

No one is against Paul. What I DO want you to see is that Paul never taught anything opposite of the teachings of Yeshua in the Gospel. Paul indeed kept the Torah, and he taught others to do the same. He even said in 1 Corin 11 that we should imitate him as he imitate Yeshua! That's Torah keeping, man. If Paul was to teach opposite of Yeshua, then we are to stick with the Messiah at all times.
James, thats not true. I have seen time after time that when it comes to Paul's teachings, if a person does not agree, they QUICKLY say the same thing this gentleman said earlier:

"And why would they listen to what Shaul (a mortal man) wrote over what Yeshua made clear in Torah Yahweh?"

That is a pick-n-choose statement.

I can defend Torah from all angles, because if Paul was an Apostle of Yeshua, and Yeshua kept & taught Torah, then His Apostles would have done the same thing. There's no such thing as Gentiles do this, and Hebrews do that. We are all one in Yeshua, keeping the same Torah, and worshipping the same God in the same way.
James, you can defend it from all angles, but will your defense hold up? I never said that Hebrews do this and Gentiles do that. Its one and the same for everyone. The problem is you STILL are clinging to an old abolished covenant! The ONLY reason why HE kept the old law was because He and everyone at that time before His death was under the old covenant.

Lets go right here to make it simple: when was the last time you killed a lamb and went to Jerusalem, and things of that nature? When was the last time you presented yourself before the Ark of the Covenant? Yom Kippor is coming, so you better make plans!


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