What makes people feel convicted one day, and forget their conviction the next day? The answer is a terminology I like to call “upswing.” Upswing is the concept when God allows us to go through trials and tribulations due to our disobedience to Him. We feel so convicted during the low points in our life until we say Father, forgive me. We let God know that we will live totally for Him 100%.
But… the upswing starts when life gets better for us and things start to work in our favor. When things get better, we tend to forget about our conviction and our commitment to God. We feel like the Lord has helped us enough and we began to do the sinful disobedient things we told God we were not going to do anymore.

It’s almost like when people get so drunk until they make a deal with God saying, if you allow me to feel better, I will never drink again. As soon as a couple of weeks go by, they feel the necessity to drink again.

My prayer is that people recognize the upswing and continue to stay committed to the things of God. Anyone can say they will live for God when things are going terrible in their life. True people of God commit their lives to God when things are going good and bad.
Remember these things as you go through life.

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