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 I was wondering if you can help me with my understanding on why it's so hard to get the leadership in the body of Christ to move into the 21st century? To understand what I'm trying to introduced to the church you must first my personal motto which is, "If Time And Money Was Not A Issue, How Much More Could I Be Effective For The Kingdom of God? " Now let me share with you the idea in this short video and after you watch the first one and if you can see how this could not only help the ministry, but also God's people. Just think, No More Chicken Dinners-No More Fundraisiers- Future Expansions can be paid for. I started this for personal reasons but God had another plan!

Watch This Video First... http://youtu.be/YuDR4s9lijs

If you want to learn more... http://TalkFreeAmerica.com

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The Church needs the power of the Holy Spirit.  Stop worrying about money.

Stop.  Stop.  Stop.

Thank You for your comment Newview and I agree with that! I guess what I'm disppointment comes from is that I get calls from ministries all over for help (money) and I can't fund everyone's vision. I never told them I was God. I'm a limited resource but when I attempt to share how to do it, I'm fault and consider as less child of the KING! My views on money is simple, "It can be a terrible taskmaster or a willing servant" It really depends on who's hands it's in and how they care to use it. Once again, Thank You for your comment and my questions is not intended to offend anyone. I'm just a servant that God has gifted to be in authority while yet being under authority. Have a Bless Day my friend.

This website was an Eye openner. I've been Pastoring for 20 years, I had to do something.  http://bit.ly/LEIGYo"

I see Churches with the Power of the Holy Spirit, but are still closing their doors. Jesus told peter where to get the money, why wouldn't he tell us. I don't think people are worrying about money, but it does answers all things on this earth. Ecc.10:19

This website was an Eye openner. I've been Pastoring for 20 years, I had to do something.  http://bit.ly/LEIGYo"

Bishop this sounds great, can we talk?


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