The battle for soul saving has been extremely hindered, by the dust that has been stirred by denominationalism and this dogma has produced, 33,000 Protestant types of denominations alone according to statistics taken in 2005.

No wonder it is so hard to win souls. We argue about things such as: The cross that is display in the church should have Jesus on it or off it? The debate on the service of women in the church has gone on way to long we all know them: To allow woman to preach or not to preach and should women wear pants in the church. By having divisions based on such matters no wonder we have trouble not only winning souls to to the Lord but making disciples that are fully equipped to serve the Lord and his people.

The battle of hearts, minds and souls of people lost by dogma and traditions that has no basis of Christ in them. Do you believe that the church should be more unified and how can we make this happen?

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Do tell Minister Ron Richardson???????
Luke 10:38-42 Well Jesus was giving the word in the home of Martha, her sister Mary sat at Jesus feet to hear the message. Martha was cooking and cleaning and was upset with her sister asking Jesus to send her to the kitchen to help. Jesus replied that Martha you are worried about many things,but Mary got the good part. What we deem often times is need isn't always necessary. We must seek what is benefitual and bears out good fruit.
Yes /but we have so many itching ears/ and false lying teachers/prophets/and pastors, it is almost impossible to tell the truth from a lie.....
I do agree with the sister here/ you have many kinds of denominations/ yet as long as we believe the samething everything should be fine/

To go further the wearing /or placing of the cross is a form of Idolatry/ To pimp the congregation as to benefitting the clique is robbery...

The Good Part comes as it is written Man shall not live by bread alone... But by every word from the mouth of YAWEH>>>>>>
Denominations are certainly necessary. Cultural differences allow us to worship in our different ways, but as long as we believe in the same thing everything should be fine.
I understand the comments where leaders of the church feel as long as we preach the same thing, teach to the same, then why should be alright. But we have 33,000 protestants type faiths alone? I mean for the minister and pastors can most of time can look past our denominational differences, the lay people or the unlearned, consider it foolishness and they become distract from the word and the message for they only see tradition. How many times when we witness or invite someone to church and they give us the party line: "Well when I get myself together I will come to church." Well with 33,000 protestant type faiths they should have gotten the message of come as you are. Jesus came out to the people the highways and by ways, the Lord went to the hoods and talked with Tikii and laughed with Jo-Jo and showed that he loved them and with 33,000 protestant type churches we can't get that part of witnessing right. So forgive if I don't see if teaching the same thing means everything is alright, because its not. We have taken the word of God and made it a secret society with our Holy shouts, dancing, hugs and hand shakes. Let me put it this way, if 33,000 protestant type faiths were out in the streets we wouldn't have the problems in the streets especially if we all are teach and preaching the same thing. Min. Ron
Rev. Mack King Carter says we need to get back to preaching Jesus and Him alone.
Too many people are preaching motivational and self-glorification messages.
I also do not believe in man-made doctrines and twisting scripture to fit our own personal agendas.
Opinions don't matter.
I love the Word and that's all I want to hear- THE WORD!!!


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