What Your Saint's Don't Know Could Kill Them...HIV/AIDS in Senior Citizens...The Mother's Board Under Attack

My People perish for the lack of knowledge. I am a People Champion and Health Advocate. I was at a conference late last year and I was sitting with a Brother Friend that is a Bishop and I said You need to bring me in to do a Wellness Retreat and Let me talk to your Seniors especially your Mother's Board and women over 55. He was like why? I said they are the fastest growing HIV/AIDS group in the Nation. He laughed and said please these women been married/widowed or dingle a long time...WE DON'T NEED TO HAVE THAT CONVERSATION WITH THEM. I said imagine your church with no Mother's Board...He walked away and something hit him and he came back and was like lets talk more about this. See, many Pastors are not prepared to have that talk with a Senior about sexuality after the fact but the little blue pill has been a game changer for many older couples and folks are getting it in because they have assistance. Many senior women can't keep up with their husbands new drive and so hubby is stepping out and guess what's coming back home to an older woman...STD's and HIV/AIDS and for most by the time they figure out why they are sick they are dying at alarming rates.


Call your Mother's together and have a talk. Many are scared to tell you that they are affected by the blue pill truthfully your 40 somethings are struggling with it too but they wont talk either but you need to do a chat and chew and EMPOWER YOUR WOMEN AND TELL THEM MEN KEEP IT HOME !!!


Let's talk about it. I want to help you all help your people. YES, God gave us sexuality in the garden so let's talk about it out in the open where we can help people.

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