Whats your thoughts on Pastor Benny Hinns recent Divorce filings and that of other Christians & Pastors?

In recent years, we have had so many filings of  Divorce for Pastors. Five Fold Ministry Leaders and Christians. to include singers and musicians. Many have been married for many many years and led or sill lead  Mega Ministries and smaller Ministries  to include  many that are not Nationally  known ,so it does not make the news.Do you think its because so many are married as it would seem to Ministry ?. Do you feel many are missing Balance?Balance means to me , a time to seek God, his Word  to pray, study, work in Ministry and be obedient to the call and assignment the Lord has given me. Than time to be a person , I am a widow. so I am not married but for those that are married time to enjoy your spouses, your marriage,  your children and Family and true friends,, time to rest take care of yourself, you health, peace and sanity and enjoy life and time to pursue some of your dreams or hobbies  outside of Ministry.Whats your thoughts and comments. Surely this is not written to  judge any , all are in our true prayers.but may be we can share something that can help someone in love or assist to save a marriage.  .

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I know that pastors are human and experience the same problems as the laity, but I often wonder how can they effectively counsel their members prior to any marriage ceremonies? Or preach a few sermons on the sanctity of marriage? Like you, I do not intend to be judgmental because I realize that there are various reasons behind each divorce that may even justify the particular action, such as infidelity.
Dr Marietta Brown

I would like to thank you for opening this debate. A couple does not just get up one morning and decide to file for a divorce. The devil is to blame in most cases because he has always been against marriage. However, there are apparent reasons and those that are hidden and can only be known to the couple involved. Some hidden reasons could be lack of sexual enjoyment, financial disputes etc. When a man does not love his wife and the wife does not submit to her husband, marriage is in danger of collapse. The Bible says that divorce is acceptable only when adultery or fornication is involved. Pastors and those in ministry are humans and are not more immune to divorce than anybody else. Instead Satan attacks them more than anybody else. His agenda is clear.
Pastor Kisela,,
Great points on the subject from you and every one.
Pastor Hinn his families and all the families that are having problems are in our prayers.
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
I think the rise in the divorce rates for Pastors and leaders in the church is due mostly to the change in culture. In time past divorce was frowned upon so badly people just stayed together. Now it is easier to get a divorce by law and is accepted in society. In the past you couldn't be divorced and be a Pastor. They were looked at like damaged goods. I think the ease of getting divorced has resulted in people not committing to marriage.
The causes for divorce are the same for Christians as non-Christians we live in a society that exhalts the self. We are becoming more and more disconnected. Families are no longer connected; they are a group of people that live together. Pastors are extremely vulnerable to divorce because we tend to work way too many hours building the ministry and not enough being husband, father family member. They key is setting priorities and coming to a balance in life.
The priority list has to be #1 God #2 wife #3 kids #4 Church.. The problem is most pastors lump God and church into one priority. They are not. First is my relationship to God. I know a lot of Pastors that are lacking a true relationship with God but are engrossed in church work. They study the word to preach it and don't spend enough time using the word to reflect into their heart first. When we put communing with God first he will lead and guide us in every area of our lives.
The second priority is spouse. This where many a man or woman of God fail poorly. They treat there spouse as a built in personal assistant. Their needs are put on a back burner. They have to compete for their husband/ wife's time and affection. As a result they either step up and seem abrasive or set back and be trampled over. I have seen Pastor's (mostly male) spouses be subjected to what I some up as abuse by church members. finally in frustration the leader's spouse leaves the marriage.
This can be corrected by making the spouse a priority. Time should be spent daily cultivating their marriage; non-church related talks and activities. Time should be devoted supporting the spouse's passions and hobbies. Vacation every 3 months with family on non-church related trips. Always publicly support the spouse correction should be done at home not at church. Don't make the family need's be second to the church's; trust God. Pastor's are used to being leaders and giving orders; don't carry these traits into your marriage. Marriage is a partnership. Lastly don't be so spirtual you forget your spouse is a person; remember the church is Christ's bride not yours.
This is so true & so well written. Will share with all my Friends on this site. Thanks for your comments.
Thank you for your feed back. Be blessed woman of God...
Pastor Sherman, I love your comments.
Wonderful !!!
Thank you newview.. God bless

This is really tough to comment about. I highly esteem Matthew 6:33....John 15:5 This 2 scriptures are the foundation of all we do and all we have. There's a huge mistake that we normally do: we do what seem to be right in our eyes yet in God's eyes it is not right. When coming to getting married, forget the fact that marriage is an institution instituted by God and as a result we go around seeking partners for ourselves instead of seeking first the kingdom and then in that kingdom there we shall find our partners... The truth of the matter is only God knows who is suitable for who.... it is not all christian brothers who are supposed to get married to me.... yes, they are spirit filled but God is the only one who knows who is the one for me... hence I have to seek His kingdom even as part of seeking a partner....

Christians are breaking up because they were not meant for each other even at the first place, they thought they were yet they were not and because they were not created for each other, they forget to surrender their marriage to God for an alteration and they divorce. (a smaller size of shoes will definately burn you... unless if you take them for alteration you'll never even be able to walk with them) same with our marriages, that person was not meant to fit you and if you force matters,it will feel like its ok until you can not take it anymore.

My comment is two ways:1) if you are not married yet, please please please, seek God's will first concerning your life time partner, make sure s/he is the one, don't goby the feelings but go by the Spirit... once you are in you are in.
2) if you are already married and you feel like quiting, God is very faithful, He will never leave nor forsake you... all you have to do is to surrender all to Him... yes you've put yourself into this marriage but hey..... take it back to God, He is faithful to alter it for you and there won't be any need for divorce.....)

Wish to put this comment in simpler forms but am trusting God to do that for me... He hates divorce, no matter the justification..... He hates it! Just ask solutions from Him instead of taking matters into your hands!! if love is gone... He is faithfull to restore that love....

I do also agree with the comment of Pastor Henderson. I am neither a Pastor or a Pastor's Spouse. In fact, I have never been married(still waiting on the LORD). I have lived over 50 yrs. and in the relationships I have experienced. What I have seen, people have stop trying to be together. If their is any need for committment or 'going through' with 'situations'. Then people don't want to be 'lnvolved'. Thank goodness OUR LORD doesn't act or feel that way about us.


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