Well I am heavy hearted today and have been for a few days. My Brother in Christ Zach Tims passed away. I know what they saying and I get it. We can't cover up the obvious things but I worry that legacies get lost in commentary and monday morning quarterbacking by the "OH SO PERFECTED ONE". So for me this is the second Preacher in three months. I lost another Preacher in June who was a Fraternal to Zach as well and so similar in fact that I just shared with my Bishop that I find myself in the midnight hours Ministering to Preachers, Pastors, and Loving Servants of God who need to be delievered and set free but in a safe place where judgement is not the order of the day.


If you a preacher with a thorn in your flesh...KEEP YOUR EYE ON GOD. If you know a preacher in a fallen state...PRAY FOR THEM. If you love them then get up real close in their face, yeah, nose to nose and tell them TOGETHER WE CAN AND TOGETHER WE WILL RESTORE YOU TO MORE THAN A CONQUERER STATUS. We hated on Long, Got mad at Dollar, Looked cross eyes at Bynum and Weeks, and Twisted our noses up at Jakes because they had some things to say or had issues in their lives but WHEN THE TABLES TURN and for some of Those in the WAY...they will turn. JUST REMEMBER GOD KNOWS AND STILL CARES.


I believe in restoration and renewal. I pray for those we lost. I pray for those that think no one is watching so they are getting away with something. I pray for those that are sitting in judgement in the pulpit and out of the pulpit. I pray for the spouses that have to stand still and the churches who are scorned because of the deeds of their leaders but if we were all setting our affections on this above the enemy would be weakening the church.


Can I go there for a minute. All these title changes and ordinations and consecrations are saturating the work of God. I guess if someome started calling themselve Jesus...a few of y'all might start saying you were Jesus himself. Why isn't Pastor, Evangelist, Minster, Reverend and Elder enough for folks? These high offices folks are ascending too come with a cost and a price. We celebritizing and worshipping the creation and I worry we out of order.


This anointing cost...The higher you go your suffering increases. Folks with titles are forgetting that they should be feared in alot of cases. When the Prophet came...He was usually sending a warning, not always good news. Yet, folks want to be Apostle and Prophet but not warning the people that God is not pleased and he about to take care of the matter at hand. In the old days a CHURCH MOTHER could communicate that message without a title. Folks better be careful that they are taking on the title without the charge.


Paid to Preach...That is funny !!! God send you a word but I got to put you up in a five star hotel, with a limo service, first class ticket and a big offering for you to tell me that I better get right with GOD...


Sermon over.



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That hurts too...I guess the Lord has given me a burden for Preachers now. I find myself blocking attacks on them more and more.


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