When is the church buliding going to realize that Jezebel's spirit is still alive and she's just walking right into our church's

when is the church building going to realize that Jezebel's spirit is still alive and she's just walking right into our church's but it is up to us to take a stand and get back into our place's in God but some of us don't evenknow how to do that of what God is asking us to do and that is why we are ready for Jesus christ when he come's back but we have to be ready when Jesus come's back

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Praise the Lord sister, The Jezebel Spirit is not only just walking in the church building but it in the people too. Men and women. You see it everyday in full operation in so many that call themselves christian, pastor, bishop, apostle, prophet. You name it.
We need to also recognize exactly what a Jezebel spirit is, It is the spirit of witchcraft, (manipulation, control) when the saints know what they are fighting they are more effective in their spiritual battle
True Sister Lee,

Too many got the blame it all on the Devil syndrome and refuse to see the real issue. If we yield our members to God then Satan can't do a thing. If we resist him he will flee but too many can't see the forest for the trees and won't see leadership as being the driving force to recognize the operation of this Spirit. If our Church leaders were in the Spirit to begin with then this Jezebel spirit wouldn't be lurking around in our congregations so heavy.

We need to come to grips with the fact that the enemy is allowed in the church because it is sometimes ushered in and accepted by the ring leader.
amen thank you
Amen mom because people need to know that this spirit is to play with at all I had preached about this same spirit on a teleconference
This spirit is nothing to play at all
I had felt that in my spirit that you was face to face with this spirit you can call me when you are free 561-856-49-81 and God has a word for you my daughter
I know where you are going and you are correct. Yet the church building is brick and morter. The church is we the people flesh and blood, believers in Jesus the Christ. Again you are correct in spirit and in truth.


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