What do you do when people in church rate you as being undeserving of there frindship or kindness simply beacuse of things like your worship.  It seems that people are willing to befriend you and be aquainted with you as long as you dont get to crazy for Jesus sort to speak.  Dont shout to loud dont dance to hard and dont enjoy yourself so much. You can't even cry without some one trying to shut you up and calm you down.  mabey you need to cry mabey in your tears God is healing your brokeness. But Its undignified. People have rolled there eyes at me looked at me sideways. some dont even say hello anymore. Look I was bound to crack cocaine and alcohlol, whores for more than 20 years, Homlessness more than 15 yrs. Ive been pistol wipped, kidnapped, raped, degraded, Humiliated and left for dead.  In those times MY only Friend was Jesus. MY parents even left me at age 7. Ive been in jail more times than I can count I'VE GOT WIRES IN MY FACE AND LONG SURGICAL SCARS ON MY BODY.  BUT THROUGH IT ALL GOD KEPT ME ALIVE AND SANE! I never thought I would ever have a place of my own, But I got one and I pay my own rent. I have food in my fridge, at one time I couln't keep food for selling it. I use to be a slave to anyone who had drugs, now I answer only to Jesus. and no one came to me at night when my heart was breaking to wipe away my tears. But he would always listen. I dont Smell anymore, Dont have to sell myself anymore or be anyones slave anymore and I dont have do drugs anymore.  Yeah I AM CRAZY for JESUS Because he means that much to me. If it hadn't been for him...............  So I dont know why my love for God and my worship should offend anyone. Im just thankful for what God has done for me and Im not ashame of it.

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