If you are called to start a church in a community, what God really called you to do is make an IMPACT! We have too many churches that just "have church", we need MINISTRIES that make a difference, stop collecting tithes to build an empire and use that money to help the poor, train people, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Amen. Pastor I am 200% in agreeance with you. We have soo many churches my ministry has just went to the airwaves. God Bless
We should have churches that are strategically placed by God in the communities to empower the people to make an impact in that community.


Should we shut some down?

God has NOT called all these men (especially these women) to be starting these churches.
It's easier to go to school and get a job sir and ma'am instead of using the church as a come up.
Just my thought.
There is no reason why there are 15 churches in one block.
No reason.

Amen and Amen. What we need, is stand together in unity, especially the churches and share GOD'S love which is flowing through us!!

May GOD bless you beyond measures!


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