This is an issue to be consider with deep thought. Some will say I can't attend a church where the pastor fell into adultery or one sin or the other. But I think knowing the reason why they fell will help us because events do reoccurs.

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If a pastor fell into some sinful behavior, it may have been momentary weakness on his part. I could see God leading the church members to confront him about this conduct... or to at least to contact his ecclesiastical leadership so that they could discipline him... all with the intent that the pastor repent and be fully restored.
I agree with you but there are some who fell and it is not know. Buy why do they fall?
Pastors fall for the same reason other saved individuals fall... they give into temptation, rather than resisting through the strength of the Holy Spirit. If we (clergy and laity alike) would walk in the Spirit, we would not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
Well we fall because of one thing that would be sin and 1 John 1:9 tells us that . I think God allows leaders to sin to show us that all of the human idea of life . Let me say it like this to show that leaders are just sinners just like everyone else . it is also a way to get us refocused on God. At times we look at the man and  fall in love with his outer garment meaning lifestyle car, clothes ,house ,etc.... and forget he is a servant just like us . I think it is our job to help the Pastor/Leader at that time and restore him as the word says . A good Biblical example is David. He  fell hard that does not mean God loves him less  but it means that leaders are just as easy to make mistakes as we all are . Falling is a part of living it getting back up that proves you are what God called u to be
Sir, when a leader falls a lot goes wrong because several others are looking unto him. Leaders or Pastors are human like what Bro. Gill said walking in the Spirit will prevent this. But I think there are issues in the life of that leader which have not been resolve.
there is no way to prevent sin  human like there will be mistakes of all kind by us getting mad, Not living up to others ideas of what we should be like sleeping with a women that is not our wives . The idea of leadership is that we learn from there mistakes but not to say we are perfect . The Holy Spirit leads and is indwelling in us all and convicts  us of sin but as a human we will still sin we are just not slave to it   because of the the cross. In all leaders there are flaws to keep them humble

It's simple.


They fall because they choose to.


Life is about choices and God gives us choices.


We can't blame the devil for something that WE did- the devil can only offer what you want and desire.


It's up to us to accept.

we fall because we are sinners  that is just the case again 1john 1:9 . the bible tells we are born in sin we dont choose to sin we are sinners and we must work on not sinning . The reason why the word of God has people who have fallen in it is for us to learn from them and they were still used by God despite there  human flaws . That is the whole key to living . Paul says that of sinners he is chief so did he choose to sin at that time are was he a sinner who got saved but still had the OSN   


I would agree that human nature is inclined to sin, but if we can "work on not sinning," as you phrase it, then sin must be on some level a choice. We can choose not to sin (with God's help).
Many people don't want to accept the fact that it was a choice. We can resist falling James 2:6, 7 after all Jesus resisted.
Well the idea was nice but the bases is wrong James in this passage is talking about showing favoritism to those who are rich . James here was telling the church not to  make the rich fell important at church . The passage has nothing to do with making a sin choice at all . James is tell the church that we have to  treat people with respect when they have a little are  more then we do . James then says that the choice in this case is not to treat the poor bad and the rich good because God chose to deal with those who had less but where rich in spirit . In that the example  the choice was not about sin but what the church conduct to all should be apart of the body of Christ   . If you have doubt look at verse 8 James says" Love your neighbor as yourself" his idea was to help all to who  needed help not to say one is better than another understand the word neighbor in  the  greek means the one closest to you. The context does not lead to the idea of a sin choice sorry it just is not there  .
Sorry it was an over sight. I wanted to say James 4:6,7. Where the scripture says resist the devil and he will flee from you. So this implies that we can resist from falling. Especially when we draw near to God.


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