Well, there it is again! A popular preacher putting down the older churches and preachers. This agravates me to no end because it appears the those preachers think they have arrived! That they have all the answers when it comes to God's Word. Its almost like they are trying to discredit what God  did with our earlier churches. So what if they want to sing the old hymns? Must you put down those songs that made them feel so close to God? That stirred their spirits so? Nobody wants to hear Amazing Grace at a funeral anymore, they jump up and say "This is a homegoing - we should celebrate!" Well, my way of celebrating may not be a crazy worship kind of thing, maybe mine is a solemn acknowledgement that God is still on the throne. Who are they to dictate the flow of the Spirit in any service? If its not like the new clap,stomp, move to the beat song, they discredit it. They mimic the style of the preacher in a put-down kind of way.  I find this most disturbing in the body of Christ. I change my TV channel or radio station when I hear a preacher do this. I am reminded in my thoughts how Satan thought he was "The One" . I wonder if he isn't the influence behind this movement.

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They are not called to critizie each other's preaching styles or to mimic them in a demeaning way. Some of you who see a certain style of preaching as part of what they call slave-preaching are way out of line. Its a form of judgement in my opinion; a judgement that is based on the social changes of the day. I don't see God in any of their critizisms. Nowhere in the Word do I find God making a distinction between preaching styles. They measure the older preaching styles by themselves and that can only come from a prideful spirit.  I dont care about the comedians who make fun of preachers, I expect that from the world but not from brothers in the pulpit. I have to say that whooping preaching was not in vain. Most of those of my generation came up under that kind of preaching and we are the better for it. It wasnt just the preaching we got, but it was the training too and the examples that were set before us. No one in that era would have even thought to criticize a man of the cloth in such a way. There's no such thing of a bygone era when it comes to preaching the word of God. Just because you choose to preach in a different style doesn't make you any better than those who chose another style. We must be careful that we don't allow ourselves to become so lifted up in our own minds that we forget the one who called us doesn't move by the whims of this world. Ok so you don't like the whoop - just don't put others down who do or the preacher who does. That's all I'm saying.



I'd rather have me a saved, sanctified, delivered, righteous, FILLED man of God as my leader than some educated man who knows the letter but has NO anointing, no love and no Spirit.


Those old songs have kept me.


Church folk need to worry about what THEY have going on and leave other people's business alone.


Kirk Franklin is good for what he does but when I REALLY need something to take me through listening to "Smile" is not going to do it.



This upset me also because what one church is doing with their congregation is God's business for his reason and his glory and it should not be under attack from another part of the body this goes against the ten commandments and that in itself is dangerous, when Jesus comes back he is not coming for the two buildings, he is coming for those who believe and have been faithful among other attributes, so I totally agree with you because it's one of the problem with the church and Pastor should know better we are sheep under your divine direction, like children under their parents direction and children emulate what they see their parents do and say, remember that when your congregation hears you say something about another church they think it;s ok for them to do it also, it's called GOSSIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sister.

     Psalms 133:1, "[[A Song of degrees of David.]] Behold, how good and how pleasant [it is] for brethren to dwell together in unity!"  People will always attack your difference and try to make you into an exact duplicate or carbon copy of what they have become in life.  They will attack what they do not know or understand attempting to put down others in order to satisfy their own ego and need to promote self-worth.

     God made us with differences.  You might like scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, over easy, sunny side up, poached eggs, deviled eggs or an egg omelet.  The bible speaks of unity in Christ, as long as the message or foundation remains the same God enjoys our cultural differences (ethnicity).  He likes the old church hymns as well as the modern day contemporary praise and worship.       

Very well said. Thank you


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