Why Do We Neglect To Use Common Sense?
First let me remind myself that common sense is normal intelligence, practical judgment.
Let look at the prophetic work of Isaiah, the writer maintains that the work speaks to an overlying theme of God as the giver of judgment and salvation. The writer notes that the text provides a full display of God's rebellious people who must be punished and, eventually, redeemed. The writer then points out that a new form of redemption is introduced in the text that a redeemer will come for the people. This is to be found in a Messianic age. The writer relates that Isaiah's book of prophecy seeks to lay the foundation for revolutionary change. The writer also relates that the basic foundation for the text appears to be its poetry and its readability. Additionally, the writer maintains that the text works as an implement of understanding for God's people, helping them relate the events of their past to the promises of their future. I don’t want to sound deep or try to confuse your thought pattern just want to get you to start using practical judgment in your everyday life. If you can arrive to this point the principles of the Kingdom of God become so real in your soul.

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