In this end time hour that we live in, we find in the body of Christ that there are many women preachers being consercrated to the office of an Apostle.And we find that most male preachers are against women Apostles and don't believe that its the will of God for a woman to be in this position in the body.But when male preachers are invited by these women Apostles for a speaking engagement why do they except the engagements from them?(Why take an engagement in a ministry and preach were you dont believe in the leadership of the ministry)

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Truly, Apostles are gifts to the Body of Christ. They don't "have the gift of Apostle', they ARE the gift! JESUS "came unto HIS own, and HIS own received HIM not". The female Apostle (or male for that matter) is bashed because their "seminary school" is disrespected. When I speak of their "seminary school", I'm not talking about the place you go to in order to get certified by many of these denominations. The word seminary comes from the root word "semine" and means "seed bed" or "nursery". The Apostle (male or female) is raised up and taught initially by GOD the FATHER and Professor JESUS CHRIST. They have seen the risen LORD and have been MAINLY taught by revelation and scripture (Prophets are fitted into this as well). Others have to be taught by the Teacher office, scripture, and revelation (in that respective order). So for you to say "I'm an Apostle", you basically tell people that you've seen CHRIST, had conversations with HIM, and HE has called you to a specific calling and authority that many many others cannot handle. People actually feel disrespected by this:

-"Whats so special about her that I didn't get called like that?"
-"She's a woman! GOD don't use females like that!"
-"That false cause Apostles stopped with Paul as the 12th!"
-"I don't care who you are, this is MY church and I wont be out ranked by anyone!"

To make things easier for all those that feel their ministry is rejected, take Apostle Paul's words in 1st Corinthians 9:1-2 to heart. If they don't receive you, then THEIR LOSE!


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