I have to say that I'm really disappointed at how all these people who love God are spending so much time saying that Gospel Hip Hop is not of God.  Well tell me this, what qualifies it to be of God.  Is it your approval?? I dont think so.  Yea I will admit that the Worldly Hip Hop has definitely given the genre a bad name, but there is a remnant of people who are using this as a tool to reach the unsaved.  Gospel Hip Hop is only a tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is no genre of music that is more anointed than the next.  What makes choir music effective, its because the people singing are praising God in there message.  Thats the same thing that Gospel Hip Hop does.  As a genre, it is still young so of course mistakes are going to be made, and pruning needs to be done.  But how many Pastors, Ushers, Choir Directors, have sinned and brought shame to the church.  I dont hear anybody saying dont let choirs back into the church. But at the end of the day, everything people say about GHH, I could say about any form of christian music. 


When God created Satan, he gave him power to use music...... but not create.  All creations come from God.  The devil can only manipulate music.  He does not have the ability to create it. 


I am a product of GHH.  If it wasnt for Gospel Rappers reaching out to me, and telling me about God, I wouldnt have been saved.  It was a gospel rapper who convicted me and told me I should use my gift for God.  And yes, rap is definitely a gift of song.  Traditional church music is good music, but its not relevant to the youth of today.  They are not listening to it, not looking for it, and dont want to hear it.  In order to save souls, you have to reach people where they are at.  Each fish has a specific bait that it will eat.  GHH is giving them a familiar sound, with biblical teaching and principles.  If you dont like GHH that fine, Its not meant for you. 


Now I definitely dont agree with worldly hip hop, in fact the vast majority of it is disgusting.  I am proud to say that I am a christian rap artists.  It allows me to speak to worldly rappers and witness to them.  Alot of times christians can be judgemental and turn the unsaved away.  The fact that I am a rapper allows me to relate to them and speak there language.  I can say yes I am a christian and I rap for Jesus Christ. 


GHH will not keep anyone in the church, nor will choir music, nor will any one form of music.  What keeps people in the church is the WORD OF GOD.  Music is only a tool to Usher in the presence of the Lord.  Music will not get you into heaven, it wont pay for your sins, it wont die on the Cross.  ONLY JESUS DID THAT. 


I really wish the church would focus more on the real issues that the world is combating us with.  Honestly we fight each other so much, the world doesnt even consider us opposition anymore.  In politics we have been reduced into 2 issues, Abortion and Gay marriage.  Thats the only thing we stand up for.  The rest of the time we spend fighting each other saying "that not christian enough," or "that music doesnt belong here."  I honestly feel like some of us are turning in Pharisees, and dont even realize it. 


I want you to realize that what you are causing people to do is to fall and turn away from the church.  If I have a gift of rap, and the church tells me its not, then im not using the talent God has given me.  The servent was given talents according to what he could handle.  But the servent who did not use his talent was cast out into the wilderness, where there would me pain and mashing of teeth. 


Dont cast me out because I have a different talent then you. 

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I would agree, gangsta rap is not of God. I appreciate rap artists that tell stories and use it for ministry. Thanks being open minded. God bless
To be honest with you the reason why it hard for most church to get with gospel rap because rappers sound to close like the world. and most of them don't even want to be label ministers they want to be called rappers cause they don't want to take the responsibility of being a minister and it shows. It so sad how the focus is not of God it on the fame and believe me it shows. Some don't even have a church home so where are they getting food from. All I have to say is please do your research before bringing them to your church to feed your sheep. I'm also a Christian Rapper but I can also understand why other Pastor worry about us entering into their church. Being Christ like is a life style not an actor on stage
If an art form leads someone to Christ then it has to be of God. The enemy cannot and will not lead people to Christ. If you just dont like hip hop then thats your preference, but any form of music can have its place in the church as long as it glorifies God. What makes church music?? The message, and if the message is promoting christ then it has a place. There are some churches who say that drums shouldnt be in church, and honestly thats nowhere in the bible. Nor does it say that there is only one style of music that glorifies God.

Those of us who appreciate Christian Hip Hop know that your not making music to booty pop, but you should be able to dance. David danced til his clothes fell off in praise to the Lord, it doesnt say he danced to Church Music. He was in worship and however you worship God is your choice.


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