Why Don't We Spend Less, and Worship God More During the Secular Holidays?

We worship the things created more than we worship the Creator. We get caught up in commericialism, materialism, secularism, legalism, and secretanism, These are the things God ask us not to do. We come into idolatry with everything now. Idolatry is the worship of a physical object as a god, or immoderate attachment or devotion to something. If you are not worshipping the object, we still attach, and devote ourselves to people, things created, rather then the one true God, and what He instructs us to do. No, we are not all perfect, but we are pressing. Amen. God give us instructions on sharing our wealth, our goods. Why not take all this spending, and bless those that are poor and needy, less fortunate, who are suffering, who have no clean water to drink, or bathe in, no food to last them a day, nothing to cook on, no clothes, not even a pair of shoes, no light to shine to brighten their tents, no bed or covers to sleep on. Some people are sleeping on the grounds, dirt, and trash. It is time people! God is looking at the heart. Amen. Let's not get caught up! Change our way of doing things. Let’s start touching the lives of others. Amen. Read Deuteronomy 4:15-16, Psalm 135:15-18, Romans 1:25, Acts 4:32-37, Matthew 5, Colossians 2:11-23.

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Good Thread Sister.
I think years ago - generations ago - people were more in awe of the things of God (even if these holidays really are not sanctioned by Hiim). But anything that is thought to be of God today just is not revered by most people today.
Its quite sad.
From what I have read and heard the holiday Christmas was really a HOLY DAY to Christians.
But they have taken Christ out of it. (Yes I know He really had nothing to do with the holiday) but in the hearts and minds of people - anything someone came across with Christ attached to it - that thing was held in awe.
That is no more.
I dont celebrate Christmas but to see how it has been relegated DOWN to money, slinky senusuous elves, drunk Santas and lower on the totem pole than the 4th of July amazes me.
This is because the world is drunk from the wine of the fornication of the woman of Rome.
Hez, are you saying if the world had not drank the wine of the fornication - that they would have still had some kind of respect for Christmas and things attached to Christ?
I'm saying even knowing what Christmas is would be someone who has drank from the cup of the wine of her fornication.


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