I truly do not like teaching Pastors and leaders in Christ about the True Sabbath for many reasons but the Holy Spirit urged that I cannot keep it to myself. I pray that others would learn about the deception but now I have to share it with others in order that I be obedient. One fact that bothers me when I speak with Pastors is that they know the Sabbath Commandment and vow that they do keep it for it is the seventh day that they go into special study in the Word to prepare for Sunday. This I find appalling because it is saying they keep the Sabbath but do not teach their sheep to do so. How can Truth be right for the leader and not for His flock? The bible has stern words for this kind of leader.

I do like giving Truth when it is not ready to be received. Yet, I do believe that deep in the hearts of God's true leaders is a tug and a desire to know His Truths. Now, I am not ordained by any entity. I am a “lay person” in God. I am not an expert in biblical studies but I do know the Truth about the Sabbath. God is holding me accountable to share what I know to others so I cannot keep this message to myself. For those who pondered about our Father’s Sabbath truly being on the seventh day, please take time and research for yourself. Your bible is your best reference to begin with.

I believe and pray it is true that all those who disobeyed Our Father’s Commandment of Keeping the Sabbath Set Apart because they just did not know better will be covered in Grace. In my heart, I prefer to see you operating in ignorance than operating in defiance. Therefore, to teach someone Truth of the Sabbath and they simply turn their head because of convenience to honor Rome’s dictates, I am in pain for that decision. I believe the person who knowingly defies the commandment of the Father, especially if he or she pastors a flock, will have a horrific price to pay when our Messiah returns. Yet, I am in a precarious situation because I am required to teach Truth about this deception.

My recommendation is very simple. Read the Catholic explanation of why you observe the first day as Sabbath. They are the same reasons taught in theology schools today. I will strongly assert that Roman Catholicism gave excellent reasons why we should use the first day as the Sabbath. There is only one problem. They did not present one shred of biblical evidence to support this; however, they provide many references for each one of their statements. These references points to the dictates of the Papal Law. The Holy Pope of Rome whom determines all of the laws for the people of the Catholic Church moved the Sabbath from the Seventh Day to the First Day. We simply inherited this wrongdoing. Now say what you want about the Catholics but we all came from their church. We took most of what they taught us as law in our own protestant churches (Baptist, AME, Pentecost, Episcopal, Presbyterian, etc.).

Take your time when you have time to read the two articles. Both sides of this discussion were presented in excellence; however, only the second one presented by the Seventh Adventist Church presented a biblical reference for each of their statements. Let me say this… also on this subject. Rome will tell you that if any of you try to take credit from the Pope for changing the Sabbath from the Seventh Day to Sunday, you are mistaken. It was the authority of the Pope and only the Pope had this authority to change the seventh day Sabbath to the first day Sabbath. Think about this friends… not even Jesus (Yahshua) had this authority and He is Elohim (God). For if he had this authority and command from the Father, it would have been done and there would be no argument today because our Jesus would have made this clear in our Scriptures.

The Catholic Explanation

The Seventh Day Adventist Correction

What’s Next?

Now, once you have read this and prayed to the Father for clarity on this issue, I am certain you will know that we have been deceived. Therefore, we must restore His Truth in our own lives first. The question then may be how do we correct this error? It will not be so easy but it will not be so difficult. My father is a pastor of a Pentecost Church and we are facing this issue today. I am seeking Abba/ Father for clear directions as to share with my parents. Currently, we are beginning with the concept of Children’s Sabbath. Now, I know that God will not be pleased until we fully obey him but because our church is so small, the entire church nearly comes out for Children’s Sabbath.

There are many ways to begin to honor or observe the Sabbath… but mainly by teaching what the Scriptures says in Deuteronomy about the Sabbath. Do not work on the Sabbath… Gather with families, if not ready to do so as a church for family scripture study and worship, teach your families to have their children Set Apart on the Sabbath… not a time for TV nonsense and going out with friends but a time to be with God.

Please do not allow Truth to overwhelm you to the point that you abandon your efforts to comply with God’s Commandments. For it would have been far better had you never known the Truth. If you feel yourself in a wilderness with this, SEEK the FATHER’s FACE. He will not leave you nor forsake you. He would not take you to a place that you cannot succeed for Him.
Yahweh bless thee and keep thee
Yawheh make His Face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee
Yahweh give thee shalom.

A Reasonable Guide for Observing the Sabbath:

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