Why is it important to have educational teachings as a young minister?

I am often asked this question by many young ministers seeking to become licensed by their pastors; Why do I need an education to be a licensed minister? Why is this a requirement they ask?

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And you think that the stuff you call revelation does? If God is giving you and others personal revelation that ministers to the needs of people than why are they still broken?

Why is it that we have all these prophets, apostles, bishops rock star pastors/preacher and so on and the people are still broken and living more like non-christians than the body of Christ.

 Why is it that your revelation changes like the seasons and is alway new and fresh and yet the people that follow that teaching are still borken!

What you think is the Spirit is a spirit I am not sure it is the Holy Spirit....

You can't speak for everybody.  Speak for yourself and your ministry.  I have to get to work (business owner) Brother Roderick.  I have enjoyed you today. 

I ony look at the state of the nation to say what I have said. I too enjoyed today. Till next time....

What difference does it make where I learn, so long as learn? You went to seminary to learn, then you pastor a church to teach what you've learned to people who did not go to seminary. If after they have learned from you, is the solidarity of their knowledge diminished because they themselves had not attended seminary? They shouldn't be learning at the church, they should be attending seminary. Are you preaching to fools? Are we all fools? It would appear that seminarians should only teach seminarians. I give no praise or glory to seminary for that which I have learned of God, for the Holy Spirit is my teacher. Now if seminary is your teacher I have no problem with that. Why do you have a problem with my teacher? You say you are a teacher, and that you can see things in the scriptures that we the unlearned cannot see, because you have the benefit of the seminary. This is true. You do see what I don't see. And I my friend, see what you don't see, for the benefit of the indwelling Spirit of Christ who teaches me the scriptures. Tell me Mr. Sweet? Who knows more, the  seminary institution, or the Holy Spirit? Who ordains pastors, the seminary or the Holy Ghost? Who anoints men, the seminary, or the Holy Spirit of God? Who chooses preachers and teachers and pastors? who sends them out, God or man? Bro. Pitbull was right about you. You don't have a clue...but you will...yes my friend, you will.


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