Why is it necessary for those of us who minister to put such a cloud around ministry

First let me give you some background. I have been involved in ministry for most of my life. My father, brother, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, several uncles, a even more cousins are all involved in the pastorate. I have watched most, (I did not know my great grandfather, or his father) the others I had the opportunity to watch and observe.
As I have done this and watched others I have noticed that in the black church we cloud the ministry make it all spooky and unknowable. My question is simple why? I do not see it in other churches, I have been a member of an interracial church, and it was great. The pastor was approachable, there was no mystery there, and if I had been allowed to remain in Seattle I would be very involved in ministry there. I am just curious as to if my brothers and sisters here can give insight as to why that is. Most importantly how it can be undone, I do not think that God wants such things in His church.

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I agree with whast you have said, its just strange that the cloud exists primarily in the black church
Jesus didn't die for the denominational churches...he died for the spiritual church...made up of all believers truly saved people...his Elect all over the world from eveyr country...
Ayes but it is in the black church or let me put it another way, churches where a brotha is the pastor and almost every member looks like him
One of the problems about the Church seeming "spooky" if you will is simply ignorance. Far too often they read the Bible like its a mythical book of stories, or like it is full of long lost people with long lost powers, never to be seen again. We as a Church collectively do not realize who we are. However, the same cannot be said for all individually. Those who do know who they are individually are far too often seen as being "too deep", "arrogant", "superstitious", "crazy", "rude", and a host of other insults that you can hurl at one who seems to have a sense of whats going on in the spiritual world.

People are used to the preaching and teaching, but the problem comes in when people do not understand the power that is behind the preaching and teaching. Therefore, GOD, His Kingdom, the celestial world & its order, and all of the nice stuff around that subject become shrouded in mystery.

You have seen the natural side of things, and we have spoken on the corrupt side. I just thought that it would be nice to shed some light on the spiritual side of things, the side that shows that most of the Church are truly babes to the things that others make seem so "spooky".
Great points Bro. Trevor.

Unfortunately, too many Christians do not know how to walk in the Spirit.
Such a thing is a myth! Casting out demons, raising the dead, performing other healings and miracles is rated as a fable right along with the Easter Bunny! I once spoke with a Deacon that considered the story of Jonah a fable and just a parable, but not an actual event. There are "saints" who literally do not believe in the tangible power of the HOLY SPIRIT anymore. Therefore, such things are considered "deep and spooky".
The bottom line is . . . people are just reading the Bible like it was a novel instead of STUDYING the scriptures.
......and living what it says!
NO the story of Jonah is factual, and can be explained, but things that Men of God keep so shrouded in deep mystery that it truly boggles the mind, because it was not meant to be so. And it happens the majority of the time in black churches. My question is why? So far Trevor you have said a lot and not said much regarding the issue.
Actually, I gave you another paradigm to take into consideration. It seems that this too was rejected......
Walking in the Spirit does not involve being so super spiritual that you lose sight of the world around you, Honestly what the two of you are promoting sounds like a very unbalanced viewpoint. One where you are so focused on the spiritual that you forget that there is natural world around you, In doing this you forget about the people, and are stuck living an unbalanced life. Jesus lived in the spirit but he did not pontificate and keep things hidden from his people, the 12 that were going to spread His gospel.

You really don't get it.

The tragedies and other evil events that are happening in our world is not being instigated or controlled in the natural, it is the demonic forces behind them.

So many Christians are forgetting that there is a spiritual war going on and although we know we have the victory, all things must be played out as prophesied. But that doesn't mean we are to just on our laurels doing very little outside of having Sunday worship services and Saturday afternoon picnics.

The 5-five ministries and all of the other gifts of the Holy Spirit are not given to us just for the heck of it. There is work to be done, but in order to do the works as God would have us to do, we need to be aware of our surroundings and the spiritual influence behind such tragedies and other evil works that are going on, not only locally but internationally as well. But, if you choose to stick your head in the sand as so many other Christians are doing, then so be it. At least Trevor and I are doing we what can to keep the public aware of what is going on as we continue to operate in the gifts God has given us and move in the direction He is leading. From this point on, you cannot say that you have not been informed.



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