Why is it necessary for those of us who minister to put such a cloud around ministry

First let me give you some background. I have been involved in ministry for most of my life. My father, brother, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandfather, several uncles, a even more cousins are all involved in the pastorate. I have watched most, (I did not know my great grandfather, or his father) the others I had the opportunity to watch and observe.
As I have done this and watched others I have noticed that in the black church we cloud the ministry make it all spooky and unknowable. My question is simple why? I do not see it in other churches, I have been a member of an interracial church, and it was great. The pastor was approachable, there was no mystery there, and if I had been allowed to remain in Seattle I would be very involved in ministry there. I am just curious as to if my brothers and sisters here can give insight as to why that is. Most importantly how it can be undone, I do not think that God wants such things in His church.

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Take note the this recent thread that was posted: (out of the mouth of some babes)

Some Perspectives Of The Devistation By The Religious Haitians Themselves
Posted by newview on January 17, 2010 at 7:37pm in Preaching and Teaching

I am very aware that the natural world is influenced by spiritual forces arrayed againts us. I am quite aware of that. The five fold ministries are given to us to equip us to deal with the world around us, both seen and unseen, I think that you and Trevor are unbalanced in that you focus all your attention on the spiritual and very little on the natural. and for you to say that the natural world is not important merely proves my point as to how unbalanced you are. 1 Corinthians 15:46 "Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual". This is not to say that the natural is more important, they are both important, and there needs to be a BALANCE between them

Where in any of my comments did I make this statement?.

and for you to say that the natural world is not important merely proves my point as to how unbalanced you are.

You may think of me what you will, but to lie on me is one thing that I DO NOT TOLERATE!
inference my friend, inference, based on your writings one may extrapolate the inference based on what you wrote. Historians, archeological bibliographers as well as teachers do it all the time when attempting to fish out the meaning of an author's writings. So no lie was told. I simply took what you wrote and extrapolated your meaning based on what you wrote. Must have hit a nerve...

Putting words into my mouth that I did not speak does in fact hit a nerve because this is what is called A LIE, no matter how you twist it.

It is a serious offense to lie on a person and that is exactly what you have done to me.

My conversation with you has now ended.
No I have not lied about you at all. Reading your writings and extrapolating a meaning from your writings even happens in the legal system, It even happens in the military. to say that I have lied about your writings is not true. I could quote you if you wish and show you where extrapolation confirms what I wrote. If that is what you wish I can. But please attempting to derail the conversation by claiming that you have been lied on when any rational person who knows what extrapolation is and has utilized this tool can see that BASED ON YOUR WRITINGS this is what you have said. As a preacher you do it all the time... Extrapolating the meaning from the scriptures is what we do. I have put no words into your mouth. If you have an issue, read what you wrote. Its that complex, and yet that simple. No lies here my friend you wrote it, I read it I wrote how I comprehended what you wrote. That is not a lie sir otherwise there would be so many libel suits, so many slander suits.

Sounds alot more like adding to one's words.
Good evening Trevor, Webster defines extrapolate as the following:

Main Entry: ex·trap·o·late
Pronunciation: \ik-ˈstra-pə-ˌlāt\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): ex·trap·o·lat·ed; ex·trap·o·lat·ing
Etymology: Latin extra outside + English -polate (as in interpolate) — more at extra-
Date: 1874

transitive verb 1 : to infer (values of a variable in an unobserved interval) from values within an already observed interval To infer or estimate by extending or projecting known information.
In a debate it is taking what is said, and basically infer the meaning based on the words that are used.
Do I look like I'm ignorant to the definition of the word in question? I said what I said because you added to her words.

Play someone else for the idiot, because I'm not here for that.
Do I look like I'm ignorant to the definition of the word in question?

(Honestly I have no idea what you look like), regardless of your being cogent of the word, your post made it appear as though you did not know what the word meant, therefore having extrapolated from your statement that perhaps you were not cogent, the definition was given…

I said what I said because you added to her words.

Nope sorry I did no such thing based on the word that I used, extrapolate, I added nothing, I merely brought forward what she was attempting to say, based on what she wrote albeit if that was not what she meant, she had opportunity to say so.

Play someone else for the idiot, because I'm not here for that.

Not playing you for anything, and being as I am not, why would I play someone else to the left. I don’t know you like that. But if you feel like an…. (wisdom constrains me)
No, wisdom would have constrains you from the very beginning. Wisdom says to gain an understanding of just who you are, even before you try to gain an understanding of your opponent. Wisdom says to find out exactly what I'm up against before you strap on your cape and fly into a kryptonite minefield thinking you had the element of surprise, superior tactical skills, or plain ole' brute force.

Lets face it, you come out with a Superman mentality on this very subject matter, but truth be told, you're even weaker than Clarke Kent. Therefore, let wisdom guide you to find out exact who you are talking down to.
Interestingly enough, I can bluntly tell you something, and you will STILL see it as being something that I shrouded in mystery. I know this because I've already done it with you already. JESUS did the same and they thought that HE was still talking in riddles. If it were so simple for you to get, then you wuld have gotten it already...........


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