I feel that if God tell a women to preach,she better obey God than man

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" why is it that most men Pastors are against women preaching "

They are probably basing it on NT scriptures as it relates to the whole matter.

There is nothing wrong with a woman bringing the Word of God by teaching, preaching or evangelizing.
How do you think the majority of the churches grew back in the day and even today?
Women went out and did the work to bring the souls in however, that does not mean that they should be pastors and/or bishops.
That is NOT biblical and it is wrong and usurping the authority of man in the order of God.
The feminist movement does NOT belong in the house of God.
God, through Paul set the house in order WHY are we changing it because of what culture says?
Let us lay it down flat: When GOD looks at the people, HE sees the Bride of Christ. Therefore, "there is neither bond nor free, Jew nor Greek, male nor female, for all are one in Christ Jesus." Women throughout Church History have been in influential positions, starting with the very beginning of the Church itself.

-Phoebe was called a Deacon by Apostle Paul. Interestingly enough, the qualifications of a Deacon are the same for a Bishop.
-Priscilla was a Co-Pastor with her husband, and both taught both men and women without hindrance
-The OT Shepherd was a typology of the NT Pastor. Interestingly enough, female Shepherds (Shepherdess) were common
-Prophetess Deborah ruled and judged Israel in the same position that Moses and Joshua held, and she did it in righteousness and effectiveness not because there wasn't a man available, but because GOD said so
-Queen Hadassah (Esther) ruled Israel and even installed a holy feast (Feast of Purim), all with the sanction of GOD.

....Need I go on??
BUzz off Phelps


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