I feel that if God tell a women to preach,she better obey God than man

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Well first question how can you compare what Ms Tubman with preaching the gospel? And second question is probably more of a statement but add up all those who travelled with Harriett and they dont even make a large chunk of what Moses walked out of Egypt with in one day, or does it?
The constant derision and degrading of women serving and ministering in the body of Christ is unloving and just plain ungodly it needs to stop.

Where would one be without the other....REAL TALK!

So are you saying that because a man does not see in scripture were God calls women to preach and stands on that, he is not loving and is ungodly? We truly would be nowhere with out eachother but in all things there is an order why is it so different in the church? If God calls men to lead in the home, why would it be any different within the congregation?
My Dear Brother with the utmost respect,
Read what I typed and you reposted very slowly....

The constant derision and degrading of women serving and ministering in the body of Christ is unloving and just plain ungodly it needs to stop.

My dear, dear brother it pains me with tears in my eyes that as much serving and ministering females do for the collective body of Christ they are subjected to a stream of negativity.

Frankly, the ridicule and the show of contempt for any of God's children male or female is unloving and ungodly. Bickering in the body of Christ tears at the fabric and makes it ineffective.

It is a matter of the heart and MINE hurts.

We both need each other.

Peace and Blessings.
Powerful, enlightening answer. All preacher's prayer should be that the 85% female congregation are set ablaze with the Holy Spirit. Hey, let's all begin to daily begin to pray down the Spirit of God on the 85% female congregation to prove God uses whom He wills and men need to get in line with that. Again, great comments.
By the way, so are many of the other messages that I am delighting in reading. I thank God for causing me to find this site. I pray God's anointing upon all who are members. Likewise, I ask all to remember me in prayer with regard to the original post I wrote entitled, 'Warning: Terrorists in our Midst.' Thanks.
Thank you sister for that,we need each other to surive
Wow, this is a complicated issue with regard to women preachers. Hi, Evangelist Nadine Floyd. In a word, 'sexism' is the reason for the discrimination against women preachers. I'm sure you are knowledgeable and already know the history of the King James version of the Bible. The King demanded the translators to distort references to the true might and role of women in the Bible. This was done to subjugate women to demented male's authority.
For instance, in Romans 16:1 Paul commends 'Phobe' a alleged 'servant' but research has shown that the word 'servant' should have been translated, 'deacon, pastor.'
The reason the 'sexist' King James staff used 'servant' was to demean all references to women in power. Thank God enlightenment has come and women have been delivered from such subjugation allegedly done in Jesus name.
You see, the truth about women's power contradicts the Scriptures that speak upon, 'women being silent and subjugated to male authority.' Oh, I know you are very famaliar with those Scriptures. Males have brought much suffering and oppression upon women via breeding women to believe they have no leadership role in the church.
Now don't get me wrong, I respect the Scriptures that speak upon the natural order with regard to male/female relationship. The man being the 'headship' or 'spokesperson' and all that. In workable marriages this is just naturally the case as the woman can respect a intelligent man who leads with wisdom. Unfortunately, a lot of males are severely crippled and damaged souls. As so, they unable to 'lead' and unite in order to have a workable marriage. Ergo, Paul would speak upon separation and divorce if need be, and Lord knows, with many women, 'it needs be' that they leave a troubled, damaged male soul in order for the woman to function properly as God intended her to.
Men choose to ignore the Biblical truth that consists of the 'Bible making a statement and then through the 'actions' described in the Bible seeing what any Scripture does or does not mean.' Ergo, Paul would say, 'women be silent in church' and then commend Phoebe a preacher. Paul would say, 'I suffer not a woman to preach' and then refer to Prisilla who was the wife of 'Aqulla' as a 'co-apostle.' Paul would say, 'men are the head of the wife' and while the book of Acts tells us of the 4 daughters of Phillip who 'prophesied' in the church. See the contradiction? Well, truth is 'women called to preach see it' whereas some stubborn bred men refuse to yield to this truth and instead allow the 'letter of the word' to 'kill what the Spirit really means' with regard to women.
How can it be that the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentacost come upon `120' and cause all, both male and female to speak in other tongues proclaiming the glory of God yet simultaneously make a law that the women who the Holy Spirit spoke through on Pentacost not 'speak' in the church?
How could Yahshua appear to Mary of Magdala and tell her to in essence, 'preach' the 'FIRST' ressurection message yet simultaneously have males 'abuse' Paul's word to proclaim, 'women can't preach?' Men blind themselves to this reality in order to oppress women.
Oh, I could go on and on, but let me close by saying, 'women' in the form of the Virgin Mary and Elizabeth were the first to know and glorify God because the Christ had entered the world. They were the first to know of, and proclaim the Resurrection of Christ so showing God did not mean for Paul's words to be misconstrued by males to dismiss and condemn 'women preachers.'
Afterall, there is niether male nor female in Christ Jesus. Rather, we are powerful souls that the Holy Spirit will use to break the power of Satan. Ultimate proof? None other than the late, great Harriet Tubman. She testified that it was God who gave her the power, skill and might to 19 times go down into the evil jaws of enslavement and rescue men, women and children. 19 times this dynamic woman of God went down and 19 times she came forth with men, women and chidlren. How then can men oppose God using His chosen vessel 'women' and prevail? The answer is, they cannot. Ergo, go 'women of God' preach, Evangelize, prophesy, teach for as God is for us, who can be against us? Amen?
First, most male pastors are not against women preachers only those with inferio complexes. Women not beening able to preach in a building is a man issue and not a christ issue. It is a personal vendetta against women ...period! It is a control issue to keep women submissive. Personally if you notice, most women who has a calling on her life can care less what anyone says. When a person has been called by God it is like fire shut up in your bones, you have to do the will of God!

Prophetess Roberts
Why is it that when a person takes a stand on an issue such as this one and it is not in agreement with the masses, it turns into an insultive situation? (Inferiority complex!??) What would be a man's, better yet what would be my vendetta against women? And most importantly why would we try and control women? The bible says that a woman (or wife) should submit to her own husband, not all women to submit to all me. Could it be that there are men who have a strong conviction (just as you do) about what the Word of God says about the matter and thats it?
Not one of those scriptures even vaguely suggests that God ordains women to usurp the authority of man. Not once did I see from the only 2 books in the New Testament of 1 Timothy and the book of Titus that deals with the office of Bishop. Of course women can preach and teach, to other women in the church or in the local and global harvest. We can't just find one female in the old testament who was a judge and now based on Deborah that's the go ahead that we need to justify women in the role of Bishop over men and her husband. We will take the exception and make it the rule instead of the rule and make it an exception. Talk about a stretch. What a shame, really its indicative of our culture which has been bastardized by the continuing weakening of MAN, whether in the home or in the church. And we wonder why our communities are in turmoil and in a state of self-destruction. God has an order and its his order that He has commanded us to follow. I do believe there are exceptions, but not the rule. Everybody ain't no Judge Deborah.........
Think this speaks for itself....

Man of God
Yes, God can use any avenue he needs to to perform his purposes in earth. He is the Creator of all things and by him and for him were all things created. God is Sovereign and He can do what He wants. AMEN
God uses women to carry life, to nuture life, why wouldn't he use them to speak life? There must be a lot of consideration in the dispensation of time that these scriptures were written. Our God is progressive and always able to perform when,where,with who he chooses, don't miss what the Spirit is saying to the church especially now we are at the apex of this thing don't get stuck on titles and gender trying tio figure everything out by our intellect, because God says that his ways are not out ways AND THAT OUR THOUGHTS ARE NOT HIS THOUGHTS.... He also said in the last days your sons and daughters would have dreams and visions, this means prophetic insight and information given from heaven to them to released into the earth realm. let us stick to what we were all called to do and that is to serve one another with compassion and love. Expect great things all the time from God, take the limits off of Him! God Bless
Prophetic yes, Pastors and Bishops..NO.. Lets not take a verse here and there to justify our own vane hearts. Why I"m a proponent of espository teaching and preaching which its aim is to rightly divide God's Word. This is not the Gospel of Christ but the gospel of Oprah. Are you ok with the imbalance of the gender make-up in the many African American churches? The question that most sista's refuse to answer nor deal with is why is our churches predominantly houses of women while the men are seemingly absent? Whats the cause and who's fault is it? Where is the outcry? Or do you care? Are the churches becoming more and more effeminized? What attempt is there at your and other churches that has a formidable and bold plan of action to gain the men who are lost and hurting from fatherless homes? Why is the Islamic faith doing a much better job in reaching out to the men who are in the streets, when the command for us is to go to the hiways and biways and to the harvest to win souls? What say you? (I bet I won't get much in response to these questions)....I already know the answer...Do you?


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