Why is it that so many of us pastors and leaders,Apostles, Bishops,Prophets and Pastors are seeking to pull down each other? Why is it that we leaders feel so threaten and intemidated by the grace or the anointing other are carrying that we don't have? Why is it that leaders promote division rather than promoting Kingdom unity and love. Why is it that we as leaders tell so much lies? Would some one please Help me ...........

to the why?

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Apostle Barbour your words are words from God! well said my Sister in Christ I could not say it any better!
As to your question...Although we are saved by the Cross of Christ and the shed Blood of Jesus, we must still deal with the flesh. The "old man" is dead but the thing that we must now do is to be on guard that our flesh does not try to dress up like the spirit and function in disguise.

Even in ministry, people are not willing to let you help them unless they are under the impression that You are Great! This is why many of us would have missed Jesus if He had come to earth today. We still look for the "rich and famous" to be the most "godly". Jesus didn't and doesn't come that way. The church world, by and large, would have ignored the apostles because Paul said he believed that the Lord had set the apostles last. Not the peacocks that we see today.

We must know what we are called to be, who we are. No matter what our circumstances, we must know who we are. If we know who we are...it will show and people will see it and recognize the gift.

As for the others, only the Lord can deal with them. We must just keep focused and do what we are called to do.

Your Brother,
For all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory. That's it in a nutshell. You can't expect fallen man who has been renewed in spirit but not in mind to always do what is right.


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