This is embarrassing how Pastor Alois Bell has caused yet another blemish regarding the non-tipping from blacks when dining out.  When I go out to eat I get terrible service because they assume that I'm going to not tip just like most other blacks like Alois Bell.  We need to change this stereotype!

I know there isn't a god but if there was one I'd pray that he'd strike down every black person that continues this stereotype.

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She should be fired for not following what she preaches. How can you get some poor girl fire over your own cheapness? Of course she has to be black, I hate stereotyping but geeze. Pastor Bell you are not a real pastor!!!

Imagine if this situation were reversed and it was Chelsea treating "Pastor Hell" in the same manner. I have no doubt she'd go to the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, hell, maybe even Spike Lee too with cries of racism. This story appalls me and as a Black woman, myself, totally sickens me


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