When will so many to stuck in their rut move from no to yes God

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Having a sin nature naturally,being born with it,we sometimes forget that it;s a daily devotional to God that keeps us heading for the straight gate.Falling sometimes to the lures of the world we let our guard down believing,we:re prayed up enough,religous enough that we begin to give advice instead of heeding.[James1:8] A DOUBLED MINED MAN IS UNSTABLE.We believe we;re perfect,and follow the rules,but we forget sometimes the little rules are the biggest.[James2:10] FOR WHOSOEVER SHALL KEEP THE WHOLE LAW, AND YET OFFEND IN ONE POINT,HE IS GUILTY OF ALL!!
But when will it ever get to the point that this is not just a religion. It is all about him he is that true source to meeting all of our needs if you only allow him to
Sin makes our flesh feel good. God declared that all souls were his, but there is a constant battle between us and the enemy about who gets to control the flesh. Paul said it best" when I would do good, evil is alwayse present." The enemy will tempt you and send subliminal messages all day long in order to get us to satisfy our flesh. Its important to know that the enemy is is a diabolical inventor, and he will do whatever it takes to pull you away from God. He is the most relentless accuser of the brethern(REV. 12:10) There is nothing that we can do about sin except for avoiding it as much as possible. We were born in sin and when we die, sin will still be around. The only wway to really over come sin is to have true repentence and a contrite heart.
Even though we were born in sin must you die in sin
First, we have to define sin according to the scriptures. 1 John 3:4,"Everyone who practices sin also practices lawlessness; and sin is lawlessness." Sin is the breaking of Torah. Whatever Yehwah commands us that is outlined in Torah, and we do not do, then that is sin. Its the trangression of Torah.

I believe, the reason why it so "easy" to transgress the Torah is because we are not meditating on it day and night so that we can be careful to do what it says. So that we can be careful not to sin. I believe, that is why its "so easy" for us to sin. If we would just study Torah and sin not, then it would not be "so easy" to sin.

James, what about those that are in bondage to a sin, and need deliverance? I hope you understand what I'm saying.... how would studying the Torah deliver them?
I agree the torah can't deliver it goes beyond the torah....It has to go or even get to the point do you know who the true and living God is. That he is able to deliver you and save you if that is what you delive but you mind and heart has to be made up

Nothing goes beyond the Torah. The Torah is our standard for holy living. The only way to even know Yehwah is through obedience to Torah(Duet 4).

Torah reveals how they would be delievered.. Duet 28 shows the blessings for keeping Torah. Being in bondage does not change that.
We see so many stuck in sin and saying no to God because of the teachings going forth. So many pacify those that are living in weakness rather than restoring them (in love) back to Christ. We have mistaken love for tolerance. When church folk stop making people feel comfortable in their sins then we will see more move from no LORD to YES LORD
EW, the reason I asked about bondage is because the saints of today do not know or want to stand in the gap anymore for others, they don't want to fast and pray, tarrying is out of the question. Ones want to holler repent, without showing ones the way, and when the individual doesn't line up uniformed as ones wish, then it's you're going to hell.

There is a difference in being a sinner and being in BONDAGE to a sin, drunkeness, addictions, whoring, fornicating, reveling, .... are sins that attached themselves to ones flesh, it's not a matter of being "stuck" it's a matter of breaking a stronghold.

When ones say they have no tolerance, it's a chruchy politically correct way of saying "I not going to love this person" yet the scriptures state we are to love even our enemies? what display of Christ's love do you have, if you only can tolerate those that think as you do?
God is good all the time. Thankfully he decides who goes to heaven or hell. A man's sins and disobedience separate them from God, therefore anyone who goes to hell is of there own choices and no one else's.


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