Why musicians get paid and others such as urshers dont get paid.



Why is it that the musicians get paid for playing at a service and the urshers dont? I am just using the urshers as an example in this senerio. They both are important roles and work throughout the service. I know some muscians play mulitple times during the week and I can see it being a fulltime job and the need to be paid as it may be a lifestlye for them. What about those that only play for Sunday Service. Why do they get paid? I thought we are working for the Lord and should serve with our gifts freely especially if you are only serving once a week at your church. Im not sure if this is fair or just to others that work in the church in a service capactiy on a Sunday. Why does this happen this way? This blows my mind and I need yalls help and knoweldge.

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In this fin de siècle the music ministers have devolved into mere entertainers... they get paid comparably to secular musicians.


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