you keep your marriage vow that you made to him .  do not put another man before your husband . and allway be a good mother to your children.  and if you have to take a day out to date all over.have a time for you and your husband  that mean if you have to send the children over to there grandmother house  so you and husband can be along that week end .iam sure god will want you to have some time to your self.and the children want some time to there self .just remember sunday is the family time when you go to church and afther church you might just want to go out for dinneran d afther that you might just want to watch a good family movie and   afther that then get the children ready for bed for the once that go to school.and for the once that do not go to school. allway have something for the family to do togetherand some time husband you might want to cook dinner when your wife is sick. and wife you cook dinner for husband when he is sick .and to be with eatch other to death do you part husband .and wife it go the same for you to death do you part. 

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