What does President Obama have in store for the USA? He has said he wanted to make a Civilian National Security force. For those Christians who voted for Him, this should alarm you! Now why in the world does this Country need the need for Civilian National Security force? I don't mind mentioning that Hitler had this same force where informants were paid to locate Jews to be sent to their deaths. Now, I am not one to advocate that this seems to be what is going on here but how much did deception played it's role during the time when so many people were being Killed and nobody on the outside knew exactly what was going on until it was too late. Does Obama have this same agenda in mind? I am not saying but if we look a little more closer to what Obama is saying along with His motives and deeds, you examine the information here and again, I stand in the neutral zone. I am not saying He is or He isn't but as Christians we should examine the facts that are presented and try the Spirits according to the Word of God and Judge righteous judgments. There are many Christians here on this site who claim everything is well and righteous with what all President Obama is doing but are they knowing the truth? Again, we can only go by what Obama says, what he is doing and what his world agenda is for America. Go to http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=336 and read the facts, if you as a Christian have any doubts, you are right in every way to get to the bottom of things and search out the truth and walk in the light of God's truth. I do not want all the negative speech aimed at me because I want to point out any deceptions. As Christians, We all are Watchmen on the Wall. If there is something going on that is going to come against our freedoms in Christ Jesus, then Christians need to be the first to know, so if you want to make a comment, do so, but weigh the facts first. If you thinks the facts are false, then, you have the rights to prove them false with the truth. This is what I want and I believe all Christians do not want to be deceived by Satan or by anyone who is in a Political or Spiritual Leadership position and doing so, whether it be our next door neighbor or to the President of the United States, we need to know the intent of their heart when it comes to doing what they do, especially, when it involves each and everyone of us. Go to the website above and then you decide what is the truth? We all want to know it! Blessings..

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