This is my first discussion as i'm a "newbee" to this website. I have a question for the Body of Christ... What ever happened to holiness?? What happened to the sanctity of the gospel and those proclaiming it? I am having a tremendous time dealing with a situation. Is it "right" for a pastor to put someone in 'open sin' up as a leader? Teach other? Is it "okay" to give marriage counseling to someone who's already married with their "new boyfriend"? Do you allow for him/her to announce the new "intended" union in front of the congregation? This is not a joke. I've been told by many "in the body" to "just turn your head and don't think about it". Have the 'People of GOD" gotten so "modernized and politically correct' that they've forgotten GOD??? HELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

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Dear Bro. Minister Busby,

thank you for your reply! I know that at this is bigger than you and I. It's one thing to read about the "love of many waxing cold", but another thing to see and feel it. One thing it has prodded me to do is to get more busy with the work of GOD and telling the lost about Jesus and his TRUE message. May God continue to bless you in all that you do and say.
And, do not fear such a person. 1 Timothy 5:20, "Them that sin reprove in the sight of all, that the rest also may be in fear." and, that is exactly what Paul did in Galatians 2:11-14, and as Peter also did in Acts 5.

However, Brother Busby, you are right - we will not likely see such spiritual authority exercised in the modern church.
Good article. I know My Pastor REQUIRES Everyone who is to Sing ,teach ,Or to Play The Piano Who Ever is on the platform Must Be in The Prayer Room 30 minutes prior to service. He Bluntly tells someone to step down from their position If he Feels they are out of the will of God. He Takes God's Church Seriously.
I respect that. After all It's God's House. Some people Willfully sin and Want to HAVE A POSITION in The Church,And My Pastor will not just let anyone be on the platform He Has to See they bear good Fruit and if they are faithful to church. Thanks for sharing. God Bless. Love in Christ Della Morton
Hi Sis. Morton!

I appreciate your Pastor. That's one thing that I have wondered about. The modern church places a lot of emphasis on the prophetic and what is called "tongues", but no "love" for their fellow man to tell them the truth and correct those in error. There is a REAL HELL for those that are lost.
Amen! Isn't it funny how folks can stick to what the Word of God says about finances (tithing) and the various offices in the church, but shy away from what GOD says about sin. Case in point, i was a apart of teaching on sexual sin. When I confirmed that i would teach from the biblical standpoint that marriage is between one man and one woman. I was asked to consider others that might not believe that. WHAT? I told them that I can not teach if i was using something other than the Word of GOD.
Thank you, Brother! Those words are so true.
Here's an update! My husband met with the Pastor on last week and presented the 'evidence' of this error. He was shocked and surprised as he said that "he wasn't aware of marital status of the minister." He continued to say that "he would address this immediately." A few days later, he still had this woman teaching and sitting amongst the ministers! I prayed and GOD gave me Jeremiah 8:4-13. I continued in prayer and I was led to remove myself from teaching as I could not support the Pastor's erroneous decision. When I called the Superintendent to tell her about what I planned to do, i was informed that the Pastor had already removed me. Please keep my family and our ministry in prayer as the Spirit guide us to the "appropriate" leader.


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