It is time to teach and preach the Gospel of Christ and get God's word out to all and NOW!

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That video is stupid racist garbage comparable to the black fear movies of the early 20th century(wouldnt be shocked if they were made by the same company)
i agree with zoey...this is a stupid and racist video...
the goal of muslims isn't world domination. this video acts like all muslims are terrorists. that's absolutely ridiculous...they're nice people who you don't like because they have different religious views, typical...i suggest you get to know some muslim people:)
Maria, Different religious views? Yes, they say Jesus isn't the Son of God and my Bible says He is the living Son of God. In their Qu'ran they say anyone who isn't a Muslim is an infidel and worthy of death. Yes, you can agree with them all you want but those who don't believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God has not the Holy Spirit of God and they do have the unholy Spirit of the ANTICHRIST! You better read a little more for I have several posts on my page that relate to the truths of Islam and another one you both need also to read. Christian checklist..Because anyone who embraces false world religions has not the Holy Spirit of God within them and do not belong to Christ Jesus...
Zoey, It is now already estimated that there are over 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world. There is altogether 6 Billion people in the world. The Muslims has ONE agenda. World domination unto Allah and by force if necessary. I have just received this video but I don't see nothing racist or stupid about it..Instead of jumping to such conclusions, do your homework.Check all information available and just know the truth..That is all that matters. Knowing Jesus personally and knowing the truth the Holy Spirit reveals. Blessings..
You know nothing of a "Muslim agenda". You speak of them wanting world domination but if you look at africa you will see it was muslims who stopped christians from trying to dominate africa

Places where they were successful africans kept their power
Places they were not white europeans took over and brought racism which in turn made the africans hate themselves(Look at sub saharan africa if you dont believe me)

If westerners cared about their culture they would have stayed in europe and kept having kids instead of trying to spread their garbage to us
Im passionate about those 53 countries we call africa LOL
Does anyone think that the population of Muslims has anything to do with the promise that God made to Hagar:
And also of the son of the bonds woman, I will make a nation also, because he {is} thy seed. Gen. 21:13

Remember he wasn't the seed of promise but God made a promise to Hagar as well because she had a seed from Abraham too. Are these the muslims of today?
Prince Danny, you are absolutely right about the muslims. They do have world domination on their mind. Now, minus the Nation of Islam who I have respect for the righteous brothers and sisters who are not out to 'kill Christians.' Again, respect albeit, I do not agree with their views as I KNOW Yahshua Hamashiach i.e Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Anyway, these people minus the few who convert and become Christians are devious. I, myself am right now battling this type who has played on my telephone, hacked my computer and literally changed my homepage and replaced in bold letters a statement that said, MOHAMMAD IS BETTER THAN JESUS. They are tribal, sinister, in their retribution and should never have been let into the U.S by the former powers that be.

The type you and I are talking about, are, like this, and worse. People can blind themselves to the truth if they want, but facts are facts. Even the Bible prophecies that God Himself, will in the soon coming future strike out and destroy 5/6 th of them. (Ezek. 38).

Make no mistake about it, but that their presence in the U.S is terroristic. The former powers that be for love of a dollar' sold them the U.S. and they have no intention of following U.S. law. Trust me, law enforcement is in no way equipped to handle the mess that was let in.

As so, you keep shouting from the housetop because it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Ms Elaine, Thank you and I believe all Christians should be on the front lines in teaching, and preaching Jesus Christ to the nations and yet, may God have mercy on America. Also, I don't think God has shaken his Hands of Her just yet.. I.m believing God for a mighty revival to sweep across the USA and the world at large before the Lord calls His Church unto Him... Blessings..
Zoey, You talk much of racism,hatred, and you are very rude in you conversations. You do not possess the fruits of the spirit of God and you need to check the oil in your lamp for you are bone dry and found weighing in the balance, don't find your self outside the boat. I know more than what you give credit and my Christian brothers treat each other with respect. I suggest if you don't like the topics and you can't have a good attitude in either showing just cause or better wisdom that is given, then keep your opinions to yourself..Nobody want carnal self centered self exalted opinions that do more harm then good.. Your enemies and Africa enemies, everyone's true enemies are unseen in the realm of the Spirit and are not flesh and blood. You need to aim your hatred toward Satan and his demons, and put your foot down on his head, where it belongs.
everything I said was the truth danny


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