is it biblical for women to be pastors, or the senior pastor in churches. or is it unbiblical. your input would be appreciated.

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This is truly something you may have to seek God on for an answer, because many people have many different answers to this very controversial and debatable question.

Some will come in and say yes, because women can operate in any of the biblical offices (using 'God is not a respector of persons' and 'There is neither male nor female, for all are one in Christ Jesus);

Some will say no, because God does not call women to usurp authority over man,or teach (using 'Let the women keep silent in the church', 'I suffer not a woman to teach, nor usurp authority, over the man, but to be in silence'- which has been proven over the years to be addressing the out of order wives of the church in that time and now) with the exception of few still believing they can, however, still be used in preaching and teaching capacities;

Some may also say no, because they believe pastor has been used interchangeably with bishop & elder (even though it is known that not all pastors are bishops, but bishops & elders can be pastors, because of the similarities, but have a slight difference).
while a small number may say, yes, but only as a pastor of women & children (because it is not usurping authority over the man, but teaching in the field of women and children where it is thought to be more permitted);

And very few, as myself, may say women can be pastors (using Chloe in 1 Corinthians), but they at some point, if not already, have to have an apostolic covering/oversight of a male (as Paul and the other apostles had over churches they set up) and then there are some women who are co-pastors or assistant pastors (Priscilla, alonside her husband Aquilla & Apphia, alongside Philemon, with Archippus as an assistant as well) while their husband, or another male, is senior pastor (using Philemon as Senior Pastor and even Apostles, who are usually automatically senior pastors when they set up a new work and shephered them until they move on to set up another work). I believe in women pastors, but I don't believe in women as senior pastors (unless they are just senior of that house, but have a male covering, i.e. the male apostle who set up the house [church] or one who has taken the role to be the covering later on) because then that puts them as the head and no one over them. I can tell you this and give you scripture just as any other can use scriptures, but in the end it is up to you to pray and ask God, seek Him and He will lead you in this. Be Blessed. I hope this wasn't too long of a post.
My dear brother I do appreicate your question, however I withdrew the discussion because it may be hurtful to some and I don't care to be apart of hurting anyone's feeling. However, the Greek New Testament, the Hebrew Bible and the Arabic New Testament all of the words apostles,prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers such as in Eph. 4:11, are all masculine Nouns. I have upload the texts for your review and evaluation. Please check it out! Thanks again for your question.
That is true, but when it comes down to other languages and they group together male & female, the male dominates, so when they pluralize a word that includes the parties of males & females, the word will be masculine.
Exactly, the same is true in Genesis 1:26 when God created man...He said let us make man in our image, but when He created man, woman was also present. Too many times people look at the surface of things and run with it when sometimes they need to take a deeper look to see what is really being said. God is not a respector of persons and we are all His creation. God does not create without purpose, so He has the ability to call a woman to minister His word because He created them.
I still believe that certain positions are clear in definition and qualifications or examples that belong to males only, though.
Where can one find in the Bible God calling a women to preach?
Dr. Joshua,
I have a big question for you. "What NT manuscript do you know of in Arabic? Where was it found and by whom?
this is not to see who knows more, or where things are found, its a simple ? i asked to see what people believed. just because one asks a smart ? doesnt make it smart. it just shows they wanna look smart. and in my opinion if i were as smart as yourself i would look forward to imparting knowledge to someone who was asking in a non comfratational way. i dont study the arabic manuscripts and although i have read some, found them quit interesting, but choose to focus on the bible. that is my foundation source of what i believe. was just simply asking what other people thought of this ?. thats all. what if i was to say i had 11 dr. degrees and a couple of minors in many different fields and study. would that make me any smarter, pobably not. the one thing i find very saddenning is this one fact. that people who have dr. degrees seems to think they are smarter than the average joe, and ive found the average joe is alot smarter. just my thoughts. your imput to the ? would be much appreciated. if your not interested in answering the ? i understand dr. joshua. have a great week.
You missed my point. Please not I did not asks in a bad way, question why? Becasue I want to learnn as much as I can! I love the study of Hebrew and Greek and if there is a NT Manuscript in Arabic I want to know. So before you caome down on me, think for a second, maybe this person is a student of the word. My question stands due to the fact I want to learn. Thank you very much. Oh by the way I do not have a PH.d or TH,D. I am a master's degree student and I look forward to learning more.

So I ask my question again What NT manuscript do you know of in Arabic? Where was it found and by whom?
I am going to ask that everyone pray for Fred he is special.. I want God to save Fred and deliver him from Hate in Jesus Name
Fred I love you ....In Jesus Name
Dr. Joshua
I have not received your answer. I’m only trying to learn and grow…May be there is no answer to be given that’s fine. Thanks for your contact.


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