I know that this is old as the hills; but why are so many people {esp. in the religious circle} are against women preaching.

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I'm only against those things that goes contrary to what is written and thus sayeth the Lord.....
Brutha' Busby, knew there was a reason I liked you..LOL

If we just followed the Word of God as the innerrant truth's and commands, precepts and laws we will be pleasing to God. The reason why God in all His sovereignty chose Abraham is for one reason, as it states that Abraham would teach the commands of God to his children. Noah was chosen by God because as God said, "he was just, righteous and he walked with God". I like you Mr. Busby, I want to get the blessings from God and not the curses. What stops me is this verse:

Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hinder the truth in unrighteousness;

Personally I believe the reason why so many black women in particular who desire and want the position of Bishop or Pastor is a cultural one, not a biblical one. Since most headed households in our community are headed by women. The men mostly are absent from the church in large numbers where the percentage of women make up over 70%. So there is an obvious imbalance when it comes to the genders. So if faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God, of course a lot of women who are hearing God's Word daily are going to feel as if they are called to preach and to usurp man. The real issue is not females who desire the role of Bishop, that's admirable, not scriptural, but admirable. The real issue is that the church is not fulfilling the mandate by Christ to "Be Fishers of MEN". Its the syndrome of "Adam where art thou??"

The women have a powerful role within the church and that is to teach the younger women and the children the things of God. This is why our youth are in the street and acting out sinfully and disobedient because the home is in division. These are the fatherless generation. Its why so many black women have no problem saying, "I"m the mother and the father", its heresy and its destroying our communities and is leading us to self-destruction when we turn our backs to the truths of God's Word. Yes, God has an order. Whatever God says "don't do", we say, "go head we can do it"...

Busby, in my house and yours, we WILL serve the LORD!


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