Over the years, I have heard many men and women in the holiness denominations say that women shouldn't wear pants in the church.

Were is the scripture to support the ideology that women shouldn't wear pants? If it is in scripture then I would have to ask why are men wearing pants? Did men wear pants in biblical times or did their wear something that covered their loins and then long robe like attire? I mean isn't that what you depict in your biblical plays? So why aren't the men being asked to wear similar apparel in the church to maintain a outward appearance of holiness? Why aren't they asked to not cut their hair (both facial and head)

What are the clothing designations for men in the holiness denominations.

After all, without holiness NO man/woman shall see God.....

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Hello Gods
Servent.  I would like to know more about your ministry.  Thank you for your support of women in the ministry, still today in 2012. the women should not preach doctrine is still being taught. and in the churches who dont say it out loud..they still wont allow a women to preach on their pulpit. This is one thing that I know that I will have to adress. I will send you an e mail..thanks brother


ONLY God sees the heart of his children not clothes.. When we get to heaven there will not be any clothes... Adam and Eve covered there self from the Lord because of sin..... We need to meet people where they are and let the Lord do the rest...


As I said, this will go on and on.  God already said it and we just don't want to except it that is the bottom line.  We want to except bits and pieces of the Word.  God has already judged the world and when Jesus return He will judge us accordingly, whether we OBEYED.  That is the only thing He will being doing...He is gonna want to know if we did the will of the Father and not our own.  I wear pants sometimes and my God, I pray that He will not send me to hell because of them, but His word say that if we sin, which is anything contrary to His word then we shall be punished.  Now I say that is harsh, but He said there will be many that say Lord didn't I and He will say get the from me you worker of iniquity.  All we can do is ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to God's truth and submit to the direction, but until then we will continuously say what God meant, when He said it.  Lord help us to know your will and that we will obey, like Jesus did.  There wasn't a whole lot of things made back in those times, but God knew before for foundation what was made, what was going to be made and He gave His laws and commandments for those who believe.  Whom shall we believe and obey? The fear of the Lord will make us do His will, but if we have no fear, we will obey when it is convenient for us and God knows that also, He warns us in His word.  So, this topic will go on and on like so many other things in this world, this is why He said be ye transformed and not be of the world.


In Love Sister Denise

I surely agree to your statement Minister Murphy.

Many people mis-interpret the scriptures.  Growing up I also heard that term and was directed to Deuteronomy 22:5 which states: The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God, but what many have failed to review is that back then, men wore robes and sandals and so did the women.  In today's society, pants, shirts, shoes and other apparel are made differently for men and women.  Now I would agree that if a woman wore a man's suit and a man wears a woman's dress, then this would be an abomination, but let's remember, Jesus will direct our path, we should not be concerned about each others dress, but be concerned about each others salvation pertaining to the Lord


God Bless you

Dont we have more important things to worry about? Our world is in shambles!

you are right

Praise God, for this music, and the Lord will bless many souls because of this testimony.  May the Lord continue to inspire you to produce more soul music as this. As the scripture teaches I can do all things through Christ who gives me power. That power is through the Holy Spirit. As the bible teaches a man's gift shall make room for him.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your understanding, yet in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.

Amen@HOPE.  God looks at the heart, not the clothing.  You can wear the longest of dresses, clear down to the floor ,even trailing, and have a black, evil heart. THE ANOINTING IS NOT IN WHAT YOU WEAR!  (for the most part) That's a form of tradition and religion, that's all.  Same thing as not letting a woman preach behind the pulpit or NOT AT ALL. Be Blessed. :)

After several months off the boards, I find that we still have some interesting (never ending) subjects going on.

First, the error of "proof-texting" will frequently lead to misinterpretation of scripture and always to a misapplication of same.

For a Hebrew examination of Deuteronomy 22:5,please see the translation thread at


Someone of note and/or authority within the holiness movement found this verse and without an understanding of the scripture he chose to support his doctrine of what constituted 'holiness', starting using this verse completely out of context, and the women of the body of Christ have suffered under it for years.

As was pointed out by another poster: On what authority does one have to pick and choose which laws one will accept and which ones to discard? Pick the ones you like and desire to impose on others? Once we accept the ideas that the Bible is a book of suggestions That we can either follow or ignore, then the Bible means anything we want it to say. When a book say whatever we want it too, then it says nothing at all.

To sit under and accept the instruction of an unlearned teacher is to condemn one's self to a life of folly. No teacher will be any better than he is a student. Willful ignorance is also a sin. The bottom line is this: Study the word for yourself, that you might understand and apply His word to your life and be approved of by God - not man. However, first of all - learn how to study, do not just read.



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