Would You As Pastor allow Homosexuals To Frolic In Your Church?

Vermont has just okayed what they call "same sex mariages". It is very sad that we humans who are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on earth, dont even understand or appreciate the sacred purpose of marriage. The reason why God instituted marriage is for reproduction, plus nothing, minus nothing. The sole reason why we are created male and female, or exibit some form of sexuality is to reproduce. If we didnt have to reproduce after our kind, we wont have any devices for sex. Angels dont reproduce and as such are sexless beings. Everything else God put on earth comes in pairs of male and female. Even birds know this. Have you ever gone bird-watching and seen two male birds weaving a nest and trying to raise a family?
You dont have to be a rocket scientist in order to understand that another man's behind was neither designed by God nor evolution for sex. The anus is not a sexul organ, period. So that if you want to use a body feature designed to accomplish one task for a completely senseless one then there is something wrong with your perception. You are like the man who sees a deer and calls it an elephant. Something is wrong upstairs!! What is the purpose of a so called same sex marriage. Sexual pleasure so they speak. But pleasure is not the purpose for sex.The pleasure part is secondary. God made sex pleasurable, why? Because if it had felt like surgery, you would have to hold a gun to your partner's head to have children. Homosexuals have taken the "purpose" out and are going gang-ho after the "pleasure".WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT PLEASURE-SEEKING IN THE LAST DAYS?
As A pastor the only way I would allow a homosexual in my congregation if they understand that homosexuality, just all other deviations , is wrong and they came to church to seek help like all of us do. But if a homosexual shows up in church all cocky and full of gay pride and trying to peddle his ware in the church, I will chase him out with a baseball bat!!! lol!
You just said "wow, he hates homosexuals!", right? Wrong. As a pastor you cant hate anybody because of their sin.It will be like a Doctor hating a patient because the latter has a form of cancer the Doctor dreads.But if the patient tells the Doc, "Leave my cancer a lone. I was born with it, and I am proud of it." Well, then get out of the hospital! I dont hate homosexuals, I hate homosexuality. You dont hate the sinner, you hate the sin. You have to hate the sin enough to be able to help the sinner. On the other hand if you love the sin, you yourself might just get caught up in it.I consider it a disgrace to the human race that we allow behavior that even some animals shy away from.

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Satan rules that church. The Lord won't even enter into that church. He's even on the outside of most of our churches knocking and no one is opening the door.
"Unlike all those hypocritical heterosexuals that fill the pews every weekend."

You betta preach!!!
I agree with all you said.
If GOD resided in the house like He should SIN would not even be comfortable there but because we have chose to worship our leaders, bishops, preachers, singers, ministries and removed God all this (and more) has crept in the church.
It's amazing how we can talk about homosexuals so much but these other sins are just waived away like they are nothing. I know for a fact some of these leaders are liars, fornicators, having babies out of wedlock and drunks and some worse than that but has anything been said or done to them?
It's sad that we will kill the souls of those who need help and give power to those who are so prideful they sit in the house of God in front of Hid people and use His name for their gain.
Romans 1:21-32
This passage clearly states what has happened and why women and men of that particular persuasion, now in all of your statements of love the sinner and hate the sin(A HINDU PHILOSOPHY), one thing we must make note of. No-matter how we feel or what the commentaries say, to be around such folks is very dangerous, as JOHN has stated the Serpent drew EVE away, many of men and women have particular views of certain things, yet this does not make it TRUTH..

Donnie McClurkin himself says that you have too deny yourself that certain craving, or else it will raise itself up again. Meaning that the kind of deliverance you talk about is not working, for every idle thought shall be brought to judgement.

Remember King Saul, after YAWEH turned from him, none could deliver him yet DAVID was able to comfort him, deliverance never came................
Romans 1:21 - 32 makes it real clear and it's clear in Leviticus 18:22 also Brother West. I studied Hinduism in my so called spiritual travels along with being a Muslim and Self Realization (I was in my twenties) until I came full circle back home where I'm going to STAY. It is an abomination as we know but I still feel if they truly repent and that is the key phrase "truly repent" their sin will be forgiven. It's not like people that worship false Gods as so many do, some know it and some don't know they are. Why He states about the doctrines of the Nicolaitanes, WHICH THING HE HATES. Now when God states He hates something. Whew! God uses this phrase only three times in the bible, Psalms 101:3, Jeremiah 44:4 and Revelation 2:15 and in each case it was because of their worshipping other gods and/or doctrines. Repent is the key for them. I don't say I invite them over for socializing but if I have the opportunity to minister to them I will to show them what God says and that's all I can and will do. But that's only my 2 cents as I've stated before I'm probably the less educated as any of you and certainly one of the biggest sinners of past. Much love Brother West, my BIG BROTHER!
Sir Why all the fuss? Whats more important to you? Your homosexual relationship or the Word of God? Even if we dont go to the bible, are you capable right now of scientifically defining your use of another man's a.h as sane? Come on, if a person has brains the size of a peanut they will be capable of understanding what we normal people have been saying. The spirit that took you over when you ventured into homosexualism blinds his victims. You are blind.
You homosexuals say, " Oh we were created that way." Absolute nonsense! Since when did God loose His ability to create normal people? Tell me! God does not create imperfection nor contradict Himself.
You live a life that all and saundry knows is wrong. Until the 1960's so called Sexual Revolution,which was started by the Devil's number one citadel on planet earth_ Hollywood, homosexuality was still in the closet. Hollywood came out with a campaign to de-sensitize national morality against whoredom, free sex, homosexuality and all the rest of the filth we have today. Psychologists, started designing theories to make sense of all the newly introduced seemingly senseless concepts.
That is where this idea that, homosexuals have no choice, because they were born that way started surfacinfg
Be honest to yourself, stop living a lie. It will catch up with you oneaday. Let me ask you, is man condemed to his sexuality. In other words, if a person who claims he is born a homosexual condemned to have sex in the anus? Will a homosexual fall down and die because he cant have sex in the anus of another man? Even we those who are heterosexual dont have to have sex. My ex-wife and I were divorced since 1999. I dare any woman come forth with any prove that I have been with her. My mother left my father when I was two years old in the early 60's. My father never remarried or touched any woman until his death on Febuary 24 this year!!
You homosexuals are so rotten it is as if when you dont get that stinker, your life is over with. Shame, get some back bone wimps!
Let me ask you, do you think God plays games on people? Answer this question, if God created you homosexual, how come that in the Old Testament he made a law that and " If a man lieth with another man, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination:they shall surely be put to death. Their blood is upon them. LEVITICUS 20:13." Hello, why will God who made you a homosexual also prescribe a serious and stern punishment for you if you indulge in the behavior? Simple: The spirit of homosexuality, has been , is and will always be a spirit of falsehood and lies. Because it is a dirty spirit. It is unclean and everything that is unclean that seeks to thirive can only thirive on lies. You were not born homosexual.
Why is that almost all homosexuals started out as normal, then somehow along the line they discovered they were born GAY. Take the story of that your insane Bishop. He was once married, wasnt the vermin? He was!! Then all of a sudden he started visiting ponorgraphy and homosexual sights and met his current partne. The he suddeny realised he was a poof.
Take that Bristish singer Elton John, he also was once married, then he started frolicing along, having problems in his marriage, got a divorce, and all of a sudden he now discovers he is a homosexual!! Numskull, where was you homosexuality when you were singing Nikita?
You homosexuals are looking for excuse after excuse after excuse, but you are running out of options. You know you are not right. I urge you brother to reconsider the direction you are heading. It is the way of eternal damnation.
Who is you're reply to Brother Andy? I'm trying to see who you were talking to on this. Thanks.
Nort you John, There is something wrong with the website. Each time I start threading a reply, by the time i finish, it is posted behind the last person who thread instead of the intended respondent. This reply is directed to MR West.
I still want to repete that this discussion was not set to heat up hatred against homosexuals. As christians we shouldnt hate anyone with a sin problem. What this discussion is about anchors on how we view the recent spate of states okaying homosexual marriages as if they were regular social landmarks that have a legimate, plusible, sane and glorified agenda in the mordern society. No they have not. They are insane!.
This is the begining of an insanity that if we christians dont rise up against, will soon reduce the structural foundation of sacred marriage into a dunghill of homosexual nonsense.
If homsexual marriages are regarded as progress for mankind, as contended on national radio, then I sincerely believe that the caveman was a better man than us. If the caveman whom, they think is an evolutionary father to the modern man had been a homosexual and the cavewomen lesbians, tell me where you will be today? It beats my imagination to understand why very learned people, some with PhDs in biology, scientists, not ignoramuses from my village in Africa, will sit down and contend that: " if we the state lesgislator, hereby contend that it is alright even to the extent of settling in lifelong marriage, for a man to ram his fellow man's a.h with his insane d%#@K. we are perfectly sure it is a sign of progress for our state, the USA and humanity." Whew!! And you say the devil is asleep. No, we christians have been asleep. Pastors abandoned their social roles in persuit of jet planes and gold chains and big bank accounts. They wont preach the truth. I see a lot of them on TV. Each time they are asking for money. I have studied the preaching of some pastors for the past 10 years, all the preach is money, money, money. It is as if the main reason God called us is so we can become millionaires by fleecing gullible church folk. Shame, lets return to doing right. Paul wrote three quarters of the New Testament, how many jet planes did he have? How about the size of his gold chain around his neck?
I understand what you mean where you're coming from. We should do a whole new discussion on these Prosperity Preachers and then watch all the people that favor that step up or if it digs in them the lack of response. I'm so with you on that one 'fo sho'. It's not about right and wrong anymore but this politically correct nonsense, you know the wide road and not the narrow road. And Brother is ministers today preached what should be preached they are afraid of loosing their status within the states system and loosing money from the state. Just shows you how low we have become spiritually in this country and they still want to say God is in America. Man don't get me started.
Where do you get that ranting from, have I stated a TRUTH that you can't handle, wow that was alot to say about someone you don't know. How am I living a LIE when it is you who are divorced. and whatever else you say, but then again I am not perfect nor do I profess too be, real harsh words coming from a CHURCH leader.

Where do you get the assumptions about my BISHOP, I do not have one,nor have I ever had one, to lead or guide me anywhere. Not going too trry and defend myself on this one.




...and the hearts of the people are sadden...Brothers what are you doing?
Lord help us to see ourselves as you see us; lead us and guide us closer to You by your spirit...that we will not lean on our own understanding... bind the eyes of the enemy, seal their ears and their lips so that they may not cause your people to stumble. I plead the Blood of Christ over my brothers in the Lord that their peace will surpass their understanding and that they will model the love and humility of Christ in Jesus name...Peace be still
Ha ha ha! so now I have given you amunition. So far you have portryed yourself either a homosexual or a homosexual sympathizer. The Word of God meant little to you. Soon As I mentioned by divorce, AhuH! gotcha! if you are divorced for any reason, you must be worst than a poof/ Is that your theology. The Bible has legitimate grounds for divorce, mine fulfilled it. But I dont see a legitimate grounds for homo sexuality, Mr WEST!!


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