Would You As Pastor allow Homosexuals To Frolic In Your Church?

Vermont has just okayed what they call "same sex mariages". It is very sad that we humans who are supposed to be the most intelligent creatures on earth, dont even understand or appreciate the sacred purpose of marriage. The reason why God instituted marriage is for reproduction, plus nothing, minus nothing. The sole reason why we are created male and female, or exibit some form of sexuality is to reproduce. If we didnt have to reproduce after our kind, we wont have any devices for sex. Angels dont reproduce and as such are sexless beings. Everything else God put on earth comes in pairs of male and female. Even birds know this. Have you ever gone bird-watching and seen two male birds weaving a nest and trying to raise a family?
You dont have to be a rocket scientist in order to understand that another man's behind was neither designed by God nor evolution for sex. The anus is not a sexul organ, period. So that if you want to use a body feature designed to accomplish one task for a completely senseless one then there is something wrong with your perception. You are like the man who sees a deer and calls it an elephant. Something is wrong upstairs!! What is the purpose of a so called same sex marriage. Sexual pleasure so they speak. But pleasure is not the purpose for sex.The pleasure part is secondary. God made sex pleasurable, why? Because if it had felt like surgery, you would have to hold a gun to your partner's head to have children. Homosexuals have taken the "purpose" out and are going gang-ho after the "pleasure".WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT PLEASURE-SEEKING IN THE LAST DAYS?
As A pastor the only way I would allow a homosexual in my congregation if they understand that homosexuality, just all other deviations , is wrong and they came to church to seek help like all of us do. But if a homosexual shows up in church all cocky and full of gay pride and trying to peddle his ware in the church, I will chase him out with a baseball bat!!! lol!
You just said "wow, he hates homosexuals!", right? Wrong. As a pastor you cant hate anybody because of their sin.It will be like a Doctor hating a patient because the latter has a form of cancer the Doctor dreads.But if the patient tells the Doc, "Leave my cancer a lone. I was born with it, and I am proud of it." Well, then get out of the hospital! I dont hate homosexuals, I hate homosexuality. You dont hate the sinner, you hate the sin. You have to hate the sin enough to be able to help the sinner. On the other hand if you love the sin, you yourself might just get caught up in it.I consider it a disgrace to the human race that we allow behavior that even some animals shy away from.

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You are missing the point. Homosexuals are the ones trying to get laws passed and flaunting their lewd sexual fettishes in front of people. There are no cases on the books that I know of where a liar or an adulterer is trying to get laws past for the world to except them as liars or adulterers. Homosexuals which are usually child molesters too are the only ones trying to get everyone to except their filthy ways. I don't hate homos but neither do I have to except this abomination. I hate sin, just as every child of GOD SHOULD.
Yeah from Romans1:22 - 32 because I don't even think they knew Him as it says in verse 21. Unreal but highly believable.
The wheat and the tares must grow together, God will do the seperating. Be most assured if the WORD is going forth by one it will chase a thousand. No- matter the person nor the sin, we must draw them through Love and Kindness.
I dont speak against Homosexuallity alone I speak against SIN altogether...what did God say about it ??if he approved of it then he would never had destroyed Sodam and Gormorah..So apparently he is upset with it as well!!! Now homosexuallity is an Abomination that surpasses sin altogether...I agree as Brother Smith about sin running loose but we as Preachers focused on the tithes and Homosexuals,,,I focused and speak against everything and I dont want there tithes that means that I can be bought ,,some of them I heard sing like mocking birds and I later hear that there sexually active with other men,,I spoke what thus saith the lord about sin period and they became defensive towards me,,if the church is not clean I speak against that as well LOL,,you see if your not living the sin then you can be used to sound the alarm....Now I just read this Morning that they may approve Gay Marriages in DC...I dont agree that is an Insult to God and the Heavens ..God first earthly marriage was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,,,Now we have to worry about Eve and Eva..and this stinks in Gods Nostrols..would I allow them to fellowship???well if they're looking for DELIVERANCE Then yes..BUT if they're looking for a DATE the NO...I dont undersatnd with all these beautiful weman of all colors what do they want?? what else are they looking for in a man?? BUT DESTRUCTION ..My message to all Preachers when you Preach against SIN of all natures say this is what the Bible says about it,,,then if they dont like it let them go to God about it,,and if they say GOD said that they can be sexually active with another man then you know what god they went to..because the one that created the Heavens and Earth is going to say NO
Brother West
what Bible are you reading you said

You don't have to ask a person who they are they will most assuredly show you. Though THE SAVIOR knew who would betray him, and that the hypocrites would chase him. He didn't stop any from their mission.

When Jeusus knew that judas was going to betray him he said whatever you going to do ,,do it QUICKLY,,after that he no more dealings with him...So what I am hearing is once the savior show you them and what they're doing we are to allow them to operate in it??,,and hope and pray that they'll stop??well WHAT IF THEY HAVE ANOTHER AGENDA they're not going to stop they're looking for a foot in the door to tear up the church and thats when we as shephereds must draw the line OR GET IN LINE.Draw them with LOVE they may take it as a date..how about fasting and praying that God will love the Hell out of them
You make it sound like all homosexuals are nasty, lustful, deviants who think about sex all day?
Where are you getting your information from?
I dont know and care what they think about all day...if a man has the taste for another man something is wrong,,allowing a man to rear end another man again something is wrong,,two men tongue kissing in or out of public somthting is wrong..and it is not scripture,,now from your defense I dont know if your gay or just a spokemans on there behalf BUt it is wrong
Perfectly so Rev. Anthony. We are in the dispensation of "feel good" religiousity. What people hate the most today is one who stands upon the Word of God and not human or church doctrine. If the Bible says it is wrong, there are just a few who would agree and say "then it is wrong' Others may say "well, it was said in a context that does not apply to us today" Yet others would try to mitigate by saying "even if it is wrong, it is just to some extent,and there is this other extent by which we can stretch it, and make it right" I belong to the first school of thought. if I cant find biblical basis for anything, I wont buy into it, or if I do, I will make it clear that I am intentionally rebelling! Speaking the truth of God's word today is nt easy. It takes guts to be a true man of God! A true man of God is one who can admit when he himself is wrong in the light of God's Word. To others pleasing people and adherring to church doctrine comes first.
This sounds all good and spiritual but I am yet waiting to see what you have to say regarding my response to your original post.
Mr Marquise I like a forum where everyone feels free to post their opinion. Neither my opinion or yours can change God's Word. So I want you to tell me in one sentence: Does the Bible support homosexual marriage? Dont go rumbling now, just one sentence. Yes or no? If you answer "no", then there is no point in what you are so intense about, if answer "yes", you have to refer me to scripture. If you ring the changes and rumble with words, I wont answer to your posting anymore. Just as simple as that. It means yopu are out seeking controversy for the sake of arguing, not trying to build up faith in Christ.
Sir, have you seen me disagree with you regarding the SIN of homosexuality?
So, let's stop trying to get in MY bed and get back to WHY you seem to have this internal and personal dislike for homosexuals while I have YET to see you or anyone else speak so fervently about the other sins that you leaders commit daily?
How about all the fornication and adultery going on?
How about all the tax evasion and money laundering?
How about all the abortions these leaders have women have so their business won't get told?
Let's see some threads about that?
If you want the house clean let's clean it from the pulpit to the backdoor!!!
I am tired of hearing about friends, loved ones and others who have committed suicide because they went to church and heard some demeaning and damning message from some unlearned, ignorant preacher who told them that God hated them and hated what they are without teaching them in the right way.
God is not pleased with it.
Whether you know it or not when you stand before God all those who you have spiritually killed with those "thus saith the Lord" messages their blood will be dripping from your hands and you know what murder is don't you?
A SIN!!!
So, now do you want to get back to the response or do you want to continue with these senseless rants about weak Word, soft Word and "feel good" messages- most likely which you preach yourself?
If you ring the changes and rumble with words, I wont answer to your posting anymore.
So I guess this is your way of getting out being honest and telling the truth about you personal issues with the issue.
You church folk crack me up.
You can speak boldly ONLY when you are not being challenged about your personal negative beliefs that you disguise as "the Word of God."
Ha ha ha! So now a person can focus on issues that are current in the daily news and write his perspective based upon scripture, UNLESS he is prepared to take on the whole gamut of ailments in the church or society. I brought up the homosexual isse because of the vote in Vermont to legitimize same sex marriages. It does not mean that there no other issues worthy of condemnation.See, this is why I think you are wrong. You rather are onesided and empathize with homosexuals to the extent where you see hate when there is just open discussion.


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