John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.
44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of an
other, and seek not the honour that [cometh] from God only?

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Okay Denise, here is part two.

I have ceased to be amazed at the naïveté, indeed ignorance of the Saints of God. All due respect, but the study of the word of God is well beyond simply reading the Bible. For example, there's translation, without which it is impossible to know exactly what, Yah is saying. The very notion that we should ignore history when dealing with the word of God is so far beyond the imagination of anything  resembling the logic that came along with our fearfully and wonderfully made minds, that I really can't even find the words to express such a thought.

Yes the word of God is inspired of God, but even within the word of God we see examples of Satan using the word of God to try to trick the word of God. That is the say,  when Yeshua was in the wilderness. Satan used the word to try to trick Yeshua who was and is the word. So why would he not try to use and alter the word to trick us? We are far more susceptible to being tricked, then Yeshua ever could hope to be. And indeed mankind has been tricked.

The character defects of the Pharisees, which are remarkably the same as that of Christians, was such that in the natural, God use those character defects to carry out his will and plan to have his son, Yeshua, not Jesus, crucified, buried, and risen. By the same token. Satan, seeking to stop the message by stopping the messenger, used the character defects and the political situation surrounding the ministry of Yeshua, to carry out his plan. But Yah meant it for good and salvation was made available.

So then the Emperor of Rome, Constantine Constantinople has a "born-again" experience, and already being influenced by 300 years of tradition, considers Christianity to be THE WAY. The one thing he does know that is accurate at this point, is that Yeshua is the TRUE son of God. He convenes a Council of 300, unsaved, and ungodly men, and among the many other things that take place among these men, a decision is made to translate this new Bible into Latin. Another decision is also made not to worship the Jewish son of God, and to take the Jewishness out of the father God. And they do this by eliminating Yeshua.

It is mind-boggling how you could turn your brain off and decide that history has nothing to do with the inspired word of God. The very events that took place among mankind at the time, is what cause God to say and do the things he did. And all those things, those events which moved God, is now our history. They are part and parcel, they go together and are virtually inseparable, if you plan on fully understanding the word, plan and will of God.

I am afraid that I gave you far more credit from my initial contact with you then what is due. And all I can tell you now is you need to go deeper my darling, because there is more. Much, much more!

Greetings Bro. Raja;

My point say "God is well beyond simply reading the Bible" and historical information.  HE is I AM.  With all your studying and knowledge you still have not come to the conclusion that God is bigger THAN.  Bigger than all the Pharisees, Emperors of Rome, satan, devil worshippers, hebrews, jews, or anything has been created, because it is all created by HIM.  It is NOT naive to TRUST God, the CREATOR of ALL to lead and guide you to truths.  It isn't naive to even study, but to get real wisdom, it does not come from man or books.  History is events told by those who lived and their perceptions and understanding, but to know God you must first believe.  And you must believe that He is the I AM.  With that said, I still will stand on the fact that God is more than the understanding of a mere man or his perception.  No matter how many books you study or how many different names have been attached to the creator....He still is the I AM. And it brings even an unbeliever to know that there is a creator-God.   Immanuel, God with us...Allah-God, Yaweh, even athiest will believe when they don't want too.  Whatever one want to call Him, He still is the I AM because that is what He told Moses.  Now, go back before Moses and find out who God say who He IS?  When you seek Him, you will know that He just IS.  He says seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given....Don't matter what one calls Him.  I will continue to still warn you that it is a very dangerous thing to question God.  You don't have to call the son of God, don't have to call God, God, but every knee shall bow and every tonge shall confess that is the bottom line.  History is a wonderful perception of those who lived before us and I take no offence to you thinking that I don't indulge.  But nothing moves God but His love for His creation and know that His creation is not greater nor never will be greater than HE.  See, when I read your post, I see someone trying to convince.  God never has to do that, because you must have faith that He is...there is no convincing.  Man has to convince one to believe.  When one is born it don't have to be convinced to breathe, because the creator has already established that it the makeup of man.  When one believes in the creator, because that is apart of the makeup of man.  You have some, like yourself that kicks against the prick with that spirit of disobedience as eve had to question even the maker.  I just say again, be very careful of questioning Gods Word, which will never turn to Him void. 


In Love Sister Denise


P.S.  You still give man more credit than the great I AM.  That is so very surprising.  I thank God for knowledge, but knowledge proceeded from Him.  Solomon could have read the scrolls or asked his predecessors, but He asked God for wisdom and I suggest you do the same.


And the credit you gave me from our initial contact and deduction you accessed...oh well....smiling...LOL and I will admonish you to go deeper into your relationship with God...much more deeper.

Denise, Sabbath starts in 28 min. so I don't have a lot of time. I am speaking to you through my Dragon dictator program, so if something shows up on the screen that doesn't quite make sense, it's because the Dragon didn't hear me properly.

You do have a great sense of understanding about the great I AM. Unfortunately, you like billions of others are trapped in the 1700-year-old lie created high the Anglo-Saxon Romans in an attempt to avoid worshiping a Jewish God. I encourage you, I appeal to you to DO YOUR HOMEWORK! .

This information is HIDDEN in history and LOST in TRADITION. But it none the less, happened. JESUS IS JUST THE INVENTION OF GODLESS MEN AND DOES NOT EXIST.

In the natural YAH used the character defects of the Jews and the Romans to affect his will and plan with, by and through the crucifixion of Yeshua. He was then able to fulfill this prophecy by rising from the dead. By the same token the devil used the character defects of these people to try to stop the message. By killing the messenger. But YAW meant it for good.

Once Satan Saul that YAH fulfill his plan, he went to the next phase of deception, and found others with serious ungodly character defects, and he used them to denounce, discard and replace the true son of God with a LIE. Satan believes and TREMBLES at the TRUE NAME of YAH and YESHUA.

Paul, he knows and Yeshua, he knows, BUT WHO THE HELL IS JESUS?!? he knows that Jesus is not real. He knows there is no power and that name. He did this at the time when people could not read and were not only susceptible but were dependent upon others to tell them what was in this new book called the Bible. These Romans took advantage of this; THE DEVIL TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THIS!!!

In conclusion, I hasten to send you to .Jeremiah 23:24-27. This is where he prophesies about his people forgetting his name. And to John 5:43-46. I think, where Yeshua prophesies about the name of Jesus, replacing his name. And last but not least, the attached links, we should help you discover the hidden FACT that Jesus is just a made-up Roman pagan God and does not exist. May God have mercy upon your soul through the RENEWING  of your mind.

<iframe width="475" height="267" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This whole article is so ridiculous its laughable,but sad,because the one's that have been fooled are the one's who wrote this article,Satan has been trying to get rid of the name JESUS from day one,when Harrod wanted to kill the child JESUS,

Then Satan would try again, in the temptation of JESUS in the wilderness,then Satan's next attempt was to crucify JESUS,THAT DIDN'T WORK..lately he has been trying to remove the name of JESUS,BECAUSE THERE'S POWER in the name of JESUS, this is the only name in which man can be saved,SATAN doesn't understand scripture,he thinks he can rid the world of the name of JESUS, and cause people to not become saved,that's ridiculous also..

Jesus English for YESHUA or JOSHUA ,JESUS..ITS REALLY that simple..GOD is not judging how we pronounce the name,but what was in our hearts,when we called upon the name,its not like GOD who elected all to be saved that would be saved, will say on judgment day ooops!! sorry,you used the WRONG NAME>> THIS IS HOW SILLY YOU AND THIS ARTICLE SOUNDS..

God knows the heart of man,he's not concerned with in-which language we speak the name,but whats in our hearts,why?  BECAUSE GOD ALREADY ELECTED THOSE WHO WILL BE SAVED, and not of ourselves, it is the gift of GOD free gift, VERY IMPORTANT>>>  WE ARE NOT SAVED BY CALLING ON THE NAME OF ANYONE, WE CALL ON HIS NAME AFTER WE HAVE BEEN SAVED........... 

Psalm 80 3O God, restore us
         And cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.

17Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand,
         Upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself.

18Then we shall not turn back from You;
         Revive us, and we will call upon Your name.

19O LORD God of hosts, restore us;
         Cause Your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.

 The verse clearly says save us AND THEN WE WILL CALL UPON YOUR NAME, so it really makes no difference how we say the name JESUS,WE ONLY TRULY CALL ON GOD, AFTER WE HAVE BEEN SAVED ;)

GOD BLESS,get your head together bro...

Praise God for your enlightment Bro. Preacher...keep spreading the TRUTH.  May God continue to bless you and yours and continue to bestow you with the knowledge of HIM.


In Love Sister Denise


P.S.  The Word of God shall not return to Him void, but others prefer to stand on anyting else but the Word of God and continue to take on the spirit of the subtle one and twist Gods Words and make mans words greater and or believe in mans words other than Gods.  May God have mercy on this world, because people of God have become so wordly, they are have been given up to their own reprobate minds.

Greetings Bro. Raja:  You gave me a lot of links to look at which is in order of your obligation to convince and I have already been persuaded by the Word of God.  But your link of the youtube vide "" was very interesting.  As I watched it took me back to a book called the "Dog".  I had in my possession a book called the Dog back in 1978, I can't recall where I got it or who even wrote it, but found it intesting and almost believable, but even back then I was standing on the Word of God and was unmoveable, because God said it, I believed it and that settled it for ME.  The book started out of the premise of Gods word and then took a turn after the flood, when Noah was commanded by God to gather the animals and his family etc.  Now, I will be jumping not to try and rewrite the book in this post....LOL  But when Noah got drunk from the wine and was asleep and his son looked upon his nakedness....but in the book it said he looked upon his father with fornication and God cursed him, which was Ham and cursed Ham with the curse of leprocy, which was the dominate disease in those times and Ham could not live in the sun as the others and he had to go into the cold parts and was alone, when he started to have relations with the jackals and coyotes which were the animals (dogs) back in those times and that this is where you got the half man half beast from.  Which these are suppose to be the ancestors of the whites, and that is why their necks hang from chin to chest as they get older and that even to this day, some are born with tails.  And it went on to illustrate and tell of the history of the black man and the white man and why the whites are so dogmatic etc.  That God made man from the dust of the ground and dirt is black and the original man was black and the curse of leprocy on Ham is the ancestry of the angelos etc.  I had this book and it was taken from my desk back in 1978 by only God knows who, but I know I read it.  This is the example of the type of information on History that one can find, just like your youtube video.  But if you are not grounded in the Word of God, you can be swayed all kind of ways.  An unstable man is unstable in ALL his ways according to the word of God.  You have some that believe in only the Torah, the first 5 books, you have some that believe in all the 39 books of the scriptures, then you have some that believe in all 66 books (which I am one of these), then you have those that combine their studies of the world history, their geographical environment, their scholaric education, their family values etc., into their spiritual relations with the creator.  But in the steve harvey enlightened presentation of this man called Jesus...and it came from scripture, but he put a twist on it also.....He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End and the Holy Bible is the oldest and most sold out book in the World, not just America.  That book I will continue to study and to find the mind of God.  That book is the book I will look for the TRUTH and guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.  That book I will look when faced with adversity and know that there if POWER in those Words when I learn to line my life up with what the spirit of God shall speak through them.  See....we can read all kind of books and literature that will try to enlighten us to God, but only Gods Word will do that and when we seek other information, it doesn't bring us closer to God.  It makes one doubt Him and make us wonder about Him and what is His will for us.  It distracts us from the very relationship He promised that we could have if only we will seek Him through His Word.  You pick and chose what part of the Bible you will believe then you seek else where for other answer to the part which you don't understand, thus making you seek other Gods.  God is the I AM...the one you MUST trust that will lead and guide you to HIS truths through His word.  The God that NO man can ever stop His Word from going forth (which by the way you continuously say about the scriptures).  You won't believe in the man written Holy Bible, but you will believe in the man written other hebriatic writtings.  That says you don't TRUST, BELIEVE in the God you say you believe, or you believe in a minute little god who will allow a mere man to change HIS word.  I have always looked at the bible as a book of revelation.  I don't think a man would EVER write a book that will make himself look like a no good for nothing evil backbitting hypocritical thieving lying murderous hateful creature.  The bible teaches man of his sinful nature and gives man the opportunity to have a relationship with the one that knows him best to bring himself back to his original place, by a creator who loved him before He ever created him.  Sorry this was so long, but I wanted you to know I did read your links and looked at your video.  And have come to the conclusion that you like many others are in danger of eternal separation from your creator, because you have sought out other Gods to establish a relationship closer to yourselves than the relationship closer to Him.  Its like a adulteress man who has a spouse and look else where of why they feel a certain way about things.  and in up in a relationship that doomed. 


I will continue to pray that God will enlighten you to His word and that you will be drawn nigh unto HIM.


In Love Sister Denise



Denise, I am the same way; God said it, I believe it, that settles it. BUT what we must learn, realize and accept, is that the devil through on the holy man has changed WHAT GOD SAID. YAH did not call his son Jesus. This name did not show up, until 368 years after Yeshua was born. This carefully and wonderfully created brain you have. Why do you refuse to use it? This DISCERNMENT that should be in you by the fact that you study the word WHICH IS A DISCERNER, why are you grieving the Holy Spirit who is trying to bring to your EXERCISED SENSES this truth?

Do you really believe that YESHUA was an Anglo Saxon long haired blonde, blue-eyed man? You couldn't possibly be that deceived. TRADITION, TRADITION, TRADITION is blinding you. It blinded the Pharisees and the Jews, which by the way happened to the bin us black folks. How can we go wrong. Saying what YAH originally said. If you look at the comments I have made to our brother Paul, you will see how these Romans came up with the IDEA, INVENTION and CREATION of Jesus. You will see that the name Jesus is not a quote EUROPEAN TRANSLATION. For crying out loud. The changing of the name of Yeshua took place in Rome, in the very region where Yeshua was crucified and lived. The only white folks that were there at the time where the Romans. What is so hard to understand and accept about this?

TRADITION, TRADITION, TRADITION: this is your problem! . The world has been hearing this blasphemy about Jesus the 1700 years, and has become more than used to and acceptable of it. But God must love your dirty drawls because he has put the truth directly in front of you. He wants to save your soul. He wants to save the soul of PREACHER, PAUL and everyone who has read this, because he has made sure that this TRUTH has reach your eyes, and subsequently your ears. Either that or he wants to be in a position to say TRULY YOU ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE, on your day of judgment.

STUDY, STUDY, STUDY to show YOURSELF f APPROVED and come out from among them. Go to Isaiah 5:13-14 , and seek to understand that many of the people that will be on that wide road to destruction will be Christians, and Jesus, believers, especially in this part of our dispensation. Peter says of those in his day that were WILLFULLY IGNORANT. And this was in a day when MOST people could not read. Where do you think that leaves us today? We CAN read. We have information at our fingertips. WE ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE!

I hate to admit it, but you leave me with a sarcastic smile. You speak of history, and I presume for that matter other sciences, as if they're not already in the Bible. Everything from colitis interruptus, to the theory of natural selection, to world history is all in the Bible. These were REAL people. This is not some made up story. These are REAL people, with REAL experiences, and these experiences IS OUR HISTORY. And subsequent to the history found in the Bible is the history sense that which is been recorded in the Bible and that history has revealed that the devil has use man to tamper with the word of God to keep us away from The light. For THIS IS THE CONDEMNATION, that LIGHT has come into the world and the world has not received it.

If only you could hear the appeal, the beseeching, the pleading in my voice as I dictate these words through my Dragon dictating program. My DEAR SISTER, please use the WONDERFULLY and CAREFULLY made brain of yours. THINK! follow the truth. For once, break away from the crowd to the glory of YAH, in the name of his precious son YESHUA THE CHRIST. For there is NONE, and I and YAH mean, NONE other name by which we shall be saved.


God Bless............we are to LIFT UP THE NAME OF JESUS...........

Greetings my brother. May I add a thought here. "Jesus" means "salvation". The Lord has become my light and salvation (Ps 127:1) Salvation is an event in his name (Acts 2:38) Jesus himself said, "He that believeth in him is not judged but he that believeth not is judged already because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God" (John 3:15). So the name is connected to salvation, and the name is important,otherwise you would not know who your God was, right!

Brother Paul

Jesus doesn't have a meaning. No TRANSLITERATED word has a meaning. It loses its meaning. The moment it is TRANSLITERATED because you are mixing two languages. So Jesus does not mean salvation.

Yeshua means salvation. And Yahushua means YAH IS SALVATION. The way you say YAH IS SALVATION in Greek is IESOUS! . This is not a name. It is a word. What the Romans did was to take this WORD and TRANSLITERATE it. They replace the letter "I" with the Latin "J". Then they removed the letter "O" and INVENTED Jesus. In fact the only language where the name Jesus has a meaning is in Spanish, and then it means NAMED AFTER JESUS. The term."The anointed one" was applied to the FALSE NAME Jesus by one of the early popes of the Catholic Church.

Speaking of which, it was the Council of Necea, founders of the Catholic Church and creators of the first canonize a Bible who because of their Roman culture decided that they would not serve a Jewish God. So they completely did away with the savior's TRUE NAME YESHUA, and replaced it with this INVENTED NAME Jesus. Not being satisfied with that, they also created the GRAVEN IMAGE ICON that the world knows to be Jesus today. Four 1700 years both the world and Christians have been in darkness. Satan has pulled it off: he has kept the world from the light.

My good brother Paul, COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM! . People like Preacher and sister Denise mean well, but they have allowed the weight of TRADITION to cause them to sin by TRANSGRESSING the word of God. Don't you make the same mistake.

Bro Jaja....smiling you are unbelievable and your last paragraph is hilarious.  I will reinerate your last sentence though to anyone who will believe your rhetoric.....LOL


Be blessed and may God have HIS way with you. 


In Love Sister Denise


Next you will be teaching about unbelievable



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