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Promotion Ends 10/20/2010
This Offer Is Good For USA Residents ONLY!!
This message is so important, we have given it top priority.  This message is about life itself.  Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter are the 4 basic necessities of life... and of the 4, Food and Water are more essential to you staying alive on earth than clothing and shelter over 95% of the time.   In a natural or man made disaster, you will need food and water.  After reading this, go ahead and sign up. 
For a brief period of time, you can get FREE GOURMET FOOD for you and your family.  The FOOD is absolutely FREE, but the shipping and handling is not.  It will only cost you $5.95 to have 8 to 16 FREE delicious meals shipped to your home - that's less than 75 cents a meal!  This food is ideal for disaster relief, care packages, emergency food supplies and food banks.

You can help everyone you know by sending them to your FREE website to get their 8 to 16  FREE meals. Many people already have several FREE $20 packages, just from sharing with family, friends, associates and neighbors.

4 products will make 8 to 16 delicious healthy meals for only $5.95 shipping and handling.  How can you possibly say no to FREE GOURMET FOOD?
When Was The Last Time
You Bought A Meal For Less Than 75 Cents?
NOW, You can help your family and families all over the country get FREE GOURMET FOOD and EARN MONEY by sharing thisFREE FOOD message with those you care about the most.  For now, all you have to do is take a few minutes, watch the video and then register to receive your FREE $20 product package with 8 to 16 delicious meals inside.
Everyone that registers for FREE - right now - instantly receives a $20 product package.  All you have to do is pay the nominal shipping and handling charge of $5.95 and your FREE GOURMET FOOD is shipped out Priority.
You can also earn an additional $20 of FREE GOURMET FOOD for every 2 people you register for FREE, that redeem their $20 of FREE FOOD (they must
register on your FREE replicated site).
For example:  If you enroll 10 people for FREE and they redeem their $20 of FREE GOURMET FOOD then you would earn an additional $100 in FREE FOOD.
This FREE FOOD offer will end on 10-20-2010.  So do not wait to cash in on as much Sundance Global food as you can right now for FREE!
An incredible marketing plan will help you EARN MONEY if you decide to continue helping families acquire long lasting food.  This is Gourmet Food that stores for 15 to 20 years.  It is natural, with NO ADDITIVES and the food is absolutely delicious.
Help Your Family & Friends Get FREE FOOD
We are not asking you to drop what you are doing to start a new business.  However, you can.....

  • Join now for FREE
  • Get your own FREE website,
  • Get your FREE GOURMET FOOD, and....
  • Start sharing with others so they can get their FREE GOURMET FOOD too. 

This just might be one of the most intelligent things you have ever done!  You have nothing to lose - 8 to 16 meals for only $5.95 shipping and handling.  How can you possibly say no?  Besides, in our current times, having food that has a shelf life of 15 to 25 years, will actually SAVE YOU MONEY and every person you know!!
This Is What You Need To Do Immediately:
1. Get Your FREE FOOD (8 to 16 Delicious Gourmet Meals) Now!  You must pay with a debit/credit card.   
2. Go to our website:  
3. Watch the video, 
4. Join now for FREE 
5. Get your FREE website,  
6. Order your FREE GOURMET FOOD 
7. Start sharing this message with others so they can get their FREE GOURMET FOOD too!
Click the following link to get "Your FREE FOOD Now!!

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