You know some things.
But you know there are other things you need to know.
But you don't know what they are. 

We are looking for 10,000+ 
Ministers of the gospel in Africa
 (or interested in Africa) or Christian leaders in the fields of education, business, industry, civic, social, community etc that want to maker a bigger impact for Jesus that recognise the need of working in cooperation with others. 
Growing African Christian Leaders is a new family on facebook that will help you in that.
Join our family this month and we would love to share with you this powerful sermon series as a free gift to help your ministry.
“The Person God Uses.“ 

Ask to join and fill in the 3 admission questions to get your powerful sermon series delivered to your email inbox.
Our purpose: helping the church to maturity and unity to win Africa for God.
JOIN here 

Feel free to comment below on any areas that you know you need help in. 

Answer below
What would you like to do for the kingdom of God if NOTHING was stopping you? 
Not health, not status, not education, not geographic location, not family, not money, not your own attitude, not other peoples opinion - NOTHING, what would you do if NOTHING was stopping you? 

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