Hello everyone! Just a quick question that I want to throw out there: "What are you views on Young Ministers/Preachers?" Very general question... Just wanting to feel the pulse of the people of God on this site.

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I believe if you are called by God to preach ,age is not important . I am a minister of the Lord Jesus and I in my 40 ties
I only been active in the ministry for 5 Years yet I feel I am doing my duty .
God Bless everyone.. Young Ministers are are needed, all through the Bible we see where God always use young people to help accomplish His purpose. Jeremiah, Daniel, and David just to name a few were all young at the time of they enter on the Biblical scene. I know this sounds very basic but it truly is not. In the community at that time life centered around God's Law, so the father was responsible to teach his children to be responsible to God which at the age of 12 or 13 the child would be considered an adult and become responsibel to religious and moral duties. I said all that to say this, Young Ministers are effective based on their training (if any recieved) as they have been trained by their leaders (who should be their spritual fathers or mentours).

Be Bless...
I have to say Amen to many of the comments Rev. Crutchfield spoke of. God is using young ministers as well as he is using seasoned ministers. But training is the key. Oftentimes there are too many preachers young and old that don't seem to take this thing seriously. Many are caught up in the titles instead being caught up in serving God and the people of God. Like Rev. Crutchfield said get under good leadership and just follow their lead. I think of Timothy and how he was so timid but the Apostle Paul helped mold and shape him into a great leader but he was willing to listen and follow. As a preacher myself it gives me great delight to see young preachers doing the will of God so young ladies and young men if God has called you to preach do it to the best of your God given abilities and everything will work out alright.
I greet all of you in the join of Jesus. I think that training is key. I am 26- years old and I have been preaching for 16 1/2 years. I think alot of times it is hard for young preachers to break throuh, because older preachers don't want to share the spot light.


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