Greeting Apostle im Prophet Lashay Durisseau overseer of The Yoke Destroying Ministries Intl of Oakland Ca and its a pleasure to dine with you this season. I believe that theres a cataclysmic shift taking place and God is releasing the endtime Apostles and Prophets for this revival. My reasons for this is that the 5 fold ministry as we know is a hand. What has been functioning in the church has been the bishop, evangelist, pastor, amd teacher which produces deformity because the Apostle establishes and the prophet point in the right direction.  We have these parts of the 5 fold actively functioning and the bride hasnt been fitted for the marridge with Christ. So God is going back to the beginnning of the church in Acts 2 where it started with the Apostles and Prohets to bring balance to the hand of the 5 fold.... lets talk

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