A Live Interview with Dr. Ann de Wees Allen from the United Nations General Assembly

United Nations Interviewer: Congratulations on your presentation today to the United Nations at the United Nations General Assembly, regarding your research on L-Arginine.

Dr. Allen, it is indeed a pleasure to speak with you in person, as I have followed your research on L-Arginine and Sickle Cell, and had the pleasure of attending your scientific lectures in many of the countries in Asia when you spoke in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan at the Tokyo Convention Center.

Dr. Allen: Thank you very much. It was a great honor to be invited to the United Nations General Assembly to present the current research on L-Arginine, Sickle Cell and other global genetic polymorphisms.

United Nations Interviewer: Your research partners from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, National Human Genome Research Institute, and the National Medical Association, are here with you today at the United Nations.

Dr. Allen’s Research Partners:

“Dr. Allen is pioneer in the area of L-arginine research, and began her study of the amino acid L-Arginine in 1983, years ahead of any other scientists.

Dr. Allen is solely credited with the discovery that L-Arginine is a Blind Amino Acid® and that without a Blind Amino Acid Rider®, L-Arginine can be quite dangerous in humans. Dr. Allen’s research was validated by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Johns Hopkins Trial on L-Arginine. For this research, Dr. Allen received a Federal Patent.

Dr. Allen’s research on L-Arginine covers Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Anti-Aging, IGF, and nitric oxide (NO). Arginine is one of the twenty amino acids that are the building blocks of protein, and serves as the precursor to the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. NO circulates in the bloodstream and plays an important role in relaxation of the blood vessels, contributing to reducing blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

Considered the leading L-Arginine researcher in the world, Dr. Allen’s L-Arginine discoveries and Patents revolutionized the safe long-term use of arginine in humans. These Patents will forever change the face of genetic poylmorphisms, such as Sickle Cell in Africa and African/Americans and Thalassemia, the most widespread genetic problem in Asia.”

Dr. Allen: We have worked very hard together for the past five-years, and today it all became worth it. It’s astounding to stand before all of the countries represented here, and humbling.

United Nations Interviewer: In your lecture to the Representatives of the United Nations, you discussed methodologies for using L-Arginine in the treatment of genetic polymorphisms, including Sickle Cell and Thalassemia, particularly in children worldwide.

Is it true that you have offered to provide the use of those patents Pro-Bono to every country represented here at the United Nations?

Dr. Allen: Absolutely – because no scientist should own or control any important
breakthrough that can help children worldwide. After almost 3 decades as a Clinical Researcher for the largest food companies in the world, specializing in the Glycemic Index, L-Arginine, obesity, diabetes, anti-aging, and global health, I now want to focus on bringing future-science to the public. The best way to accomplish this goal is to align with like-minded companies.

United Nations Interviewer: Your patents and research have generated over $ 1 Billion dollars globally, and were even featured on the front page of the Wall Street journal. What new areas of research are you involved in now?

Dr. Allen: Scientists can lead the global force in New Science, such as Sickle Cell, Thalassemia, Anti-Aging, and new approaches to childhood and adult obesity and diabetes. Let’s face it, the standard approach to these ailments is NOT working, and we need to find solutions that actually get results.

The answers are within our reach, and those solutions need to be exploited and expanded for the good of human health everywhere on the globe.

United Nations Interviewer: Thanks very much Dr. Allen for the time you have spent with me today.

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