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Can the connection be more connected?

Started by RevZ. Last reply by rRev. kenneth W. kelley May 2, 2010. 5 Replies

Why we have no class?

Started by RevZ62. Last reply by Rev. John Bernard Wingate Apr 28, 2010. 7 Replies

Annual Conference

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Comment by rRev. kenneth W. kelley on April 23, 2010 at 12:42pm
I come to you from the 9th dist. Bishop James L. Davis. It is great to see other ames on line I am at Greater St. Paul AME Florence,Ala one hour west of Huntville.
pray with us wewill be going out witness on may 23rd from 11:00 am until 3:oo pm .We know that satan and his troops will be out to stop us ,every church in the state will be going out in their city.
( PRAY PRAY PRAY) Rev. Klley
Comment by RevZ62 on March 2, 2010 at 11:22pm
God said IF

The Lord has asked of me
To be with God faithfully
With the covenants of God
I have a promise
From the power on high
To the lowly me
God said I will do this for thee
There hung in the air
One condition you see
God said If
Then I will do for thee.

God is there God's love is fair
God made me with desire you see
Comment by Bishop Andy C. Lewter, D. Min. on January 8, 2010 at 9:16am
Check out our radio program from 1-8-10, 11 PM

Comment by servant Sampson ApostleAmbassado on November 11, 2009 at 8:52am
Subject: Attend Beyound The Walls Event

One Million Wailing Men Women!
Holy Convocation Crusade Convention

The End-Time Prophetic Word Fellowship, Int..

Dr. Ann Sampson
End-Time Apostle/Host Prelate

Vision Ministries Holiness Church
659 Larkin St.
SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Bishop Calvin Colquitt
Host Pastor Metro ATL


19, 20,21, 2009
7pm, 7pm, 8am


Intercessory prayer at 6pm on Thursday and Friday-Saturday at 6am

Free Child-sitting!
Free Food!
Free Workshops!
Free Registration!

Bring a new bottle of oil and pictures for those in need of a supernatural miracle

God has invited you to be His guest!

Candle-lighting for those that have lost their lives due to violence.

Stand With Us In Unity!

Stand in oneness with the Lord!

Stand in the truth!

THE Generals of The Kingdom Of God are armed and ready! These are a few powerful Ambassadors of Christ Jesus that will sow into your life.
The Trumpets Will Sound The Alarm!
Apostle/Prophetess Ken Cox

Apostle Anthony Yarde

Prophet Christopher D. Bush

Corporate Prophecy Will Go Forward.

The Shofar will blow for the gathering.

Preparation has been made in this place for you,
where God has placed His Word above His name.

Times Of Refreshing Has Come
Prepare yourselves to receive God's

Supernatural Abundance Of Rain!

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee. Psalm 102:1

Register Now!

Time to pray at the gates. Awake! Awake! Awake!
Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus of Nazareth! John 14:14

Dr.. Ann Sampson
Beyound The Walls
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Comment by Rev. Dr. Bobbie Armstrong on October 10, 2009 at 3:57pm
Always interested in learning & fellowshipping with other sisters & brothers in Christ Jesus. I have had the opportunity to worship & preach several times in the AMEC. God's blessings to you.
Comment by RevZ on September 16, 2009 at 7:13pm
That's spinach or chocolate milk. While I like both I do not do them together.
Did not I offer encouragement and an alternative to a unhealthy use, that is a medical opinion not mine.

Peace, out
Comment by Rev. Evelyn M. Johnson-MDiv on September 16, 2009 at 2:37pm
Thank you for the information. I know all of that. But for persons with severe constipation, the cleanse helps and the ingredients are made from natural herbs also. Nature Sunshine offers all those products that you mentioned.
Your recipe of spinach and chocolate milk sounds good, but I prefer to cut down on calories.
I believe the point I was trying to make was that if a person is not interested, then at least offer some encouragement.
Be blessed
Comment by RevZ on September 16, 2009 at 1:23pm
This is a topic on which I have spoken to many people.
I have participated in Endoscopies, been in discussions with the doctors, more than one in different hospitals. Cleansing is not a good thing.

Harmful bacteria produce toxic by-products that may contribute to long-term illness, frequent infections, bloating, constipation, digestive troubles, acne and other skin conditions, yeast infections, bad breath, body odor and chronic degeneration of the body.

One of the principle claims made by many of the so-called “ultimate bowel cleansers” is that they help kill off the harmful parasites that may be living in the colon. Parasites are definitely a concern especially when the walls of the colon have layers of compacted feces and waste built up on them. The accumulated waste makes it easier for the parasites to stick to the sides of the colon which is part of the reason why you want to periodically use a bowel cleanser in the first place.
Regular bowel movement prevent that.
Yes we want to rid ourselves of that.

A number of natural ingredients will naturally repel or destroy the parasites and harmful bacteria in the colon without also destroying the intestinal flora, including:

* Echinacea
* Black Radish Root
* Aloe Leaf
* Fennel Seed
* Cayenne Pepper
With the exception of Echinacea you can add the rest to your diet.

The "friendly" bacteria, also known as microflora, break down vitamins and ferment undigested foods and carbohydrates from the upper GI tract, helping your body absorb nutrients while also keeping toxins and foreign bacteria and viruses at bay.
We live in symbiotic relationship with many of God's creations we provide a place for them to live and they help keep us alive.
"Friendly" bacteria in your system favorably alter your intestinal flora balance, helping to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, promote good digestion, boost the immune system, and increase resistance to infection.

Having gone into the alimentary systems of many people, sick people, you don't find what a...
a successful colon cleanse program will clear the colon and clean out all the toxic plaque and debris,
this is not to any way deter you from your course, just to add to your knowledge.

You should eat more vegetables and fruit. Flax seeds and oats contain fiber, which is great for home colon cleansing. Avoid caffeine, sugar, and white flour. Don't eat any heavy food from 8 am to noon as during this period your body detoxifies. Eat more green foods as chlorophyll they contain is known to heal damaged tissue in the digestive tract. Add more garlic to your diet as it is reported to destroy harmful bacteria in the colon. The home colon cleansing should always involve the increased intake of water. Water is a universal solvent; it will dissolve the stagnant waste in the colon. Moreover it stimulates the natural peristaltic action.

Eat enough fiber, drink enough water and have regular bowel movements and you will not need to cleanse yourself. You will be naturally clean.

Compacted feces is only a problem in Diverticulitis this from an M.D..

Getting the stuff out of your sigmoid colon may be a healthy alternative to cleansing.

Just some thoughts from my pulpit.
Comment by Rev. Evelyn M. Johnson-MDiv on September 16, 2009 at 12:56pm
To RevZ
The Christ in me motivates me to offer constructive criticism to persons starting businesses. If I do not wish to buy what they are selling, then I just say, thank you for the information. But I do not operated in the negative.
My friend distributes NSP and I assist because I cannot go to work because of my husband's illness. There is nothing wrong with trying to help others by sharing information.
It is well with my soul.
Much success to you in all you do.
Rev. EJ
Comment by Rev. Evelyn M. Johnson-MDiv on September 16, 2009 at 12:49pm
They just make you go, they do not clean out the system. besides, the cleanse are in capsules.
thank you for the feedback.

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