Yesterday I was privileged to attend the “2015 Pastors Appreciation Breakfast.” The Pastors Annual Breakfast, which is geared to encourage and strengthen pastors, is an annual event hosted by WHKW AM 1220 The Word.  Accompanying me to the event was my daughter Denise (photographer), and daughter in law Deaconess Takiyah (pictured above).

This year the ceremony was held in Westlake Ohio and featured Dr. Tony Evans as the keynote speaker.  Dr. Evans is a prominent evangelical leader, teacher, author and speaker is the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.

The event for me was especially rewarding, not only because of my advocacy of Dr. Evans, but because I had been honored in meeting his lovely wife Dr. Lois Evans at a similar event a few months earlier.  So seeing the two together projected a ambiance of completeness; summing up the caliber of man I had always believed him to be. 

But as usual, Dr. Evans being not a man bearing idle words brought forth a message that ignited the hearts of all who were present.  He spoke of the obligation of each pastor to unite as envoys of CHRIST; to both strive for and abide in truth. He called pastors to authoritatively utilize the keys to the kingdom unlocking the provisions given by MESSIAH; so that the church might cease not to triumph. 

Evans also highlighted that this could not be achieved through the wisdom of men, politics, fame and tactics which are carnal employs; but by strategically implementing spiritual weaponry in a war that is ragging.

In closing, Dr. Evans shared an account of a physician who when presented with a dying woman excused himself noting that he had retired his practice.  Comparatively, Evans suggested that those who so fragrantly refuse to comport themselves by the principles and dictates of Scripture should take down their signs and close up shop.

This message was most inspiring, and a necessary wake-up for those who have slumped over being turned aside to the present day world views and enticements.  GOD bless you Dr. Tony Evans for this contribute to the kingdom.  –Blessings!

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